Michael Moore: "It sucks"

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Homero, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. I get it now, these arguments hold up in "International Crimes Court of Homero's misguided opinion." We are all talking about the real definition of war crimes, not your retarded one.
  2. Me: Micheal Moore sucks!
  3. If you think like that, my friend, you know nothing about this planet.
  4. I named three.
  5. Homero, you are the biggest idiot here, politically.

    One, you wil not respond rationally to the comments I'v emade before, including the fact that teh war was entirely justified, even woithout WMDs 9which was not promoted by Bush, but by teh Media). We were in a cease fire with Saddam from teh Gulf war. Do you know what that is? Did you realize that by shooting at our planes, that alone was enough to reopen the war? Did you know that by paying for the deaths of American and British hostages while under teh cease fire, that alone was enough to reopen the war/ Did you know that Saddam ignoring 14 UN resolutions was enough to reopen teh war/ Ddi you know that Saddam employing the person that mixed teh chemicals for teh WTC bombings was enough?

    Your "facts" are as non-factual as Chairman's. Your ability to even reason is somewhere around the level of drool.

    I can back up everything I say, with none of it based on "opinion" or what I "feel." Which is a direction that Michael Moore has yet to attempt... But, of course, if he stuck to actual facts, he woudn't ahve anything to say.
  6. Name some REAL war crimes.
  7. Dude, you are the same who months ago made a huge thread with ficticious finds of WMDs. Shut up, please.
  8. And you have never made a thread about anything ficticious.
  9. Only making explicit fun on something.
    His "Oh, those WMDs" was trully serious... until I owned his ass.
  10. Dude, you are the same who months ago said Japan appolgized for it's actions during World War 2. Shut up, please.
  11. Accidental civilian casualties are not considered a war crime unless he gave an order to kill civilians in which case they are not accidental.

    He did not torture people or give the order to torture people.

    And Chris V told you the reasons we had to go to war.

    So all 3 of the reasons you gave have no merit whatsoever. Why wont you respond?
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  13. Because he's risponsable for these three war crimes.
  14. So he ordered the killing of innocent civilians.

    Ordered the torturing of prisoners.

    And didnt have any reason to attack Iraq.

    I can see how many people agree with the third one. What evidence do you have that hes guilty of the first two?
  15. you should really stop before you become a laughingstock. You little flibberty jibbet you.

  16. Easy. He's risponsable for these three crimes.
  17. "responsible"
  18. By simply stating that you have as much credibility as if I said you were responsible for AIDS.
  19. Keep your eyes closed, you look funny.
  20. yep. a flibberty jibbet alright.
  21. Just weighing in re. "what evidence..."

    As for the citizens' deaths, I'd agree that Bush bears some responsibility even though it's pretty safe to assume that he didn't order them killed.

    However, I wouldn't blame Bush for the torture incidents.

    *edit - typo*
  22. Michael Moore, George W. Bush, Kerry..USA, Iraq, who gives a #$%#, just shut the #$%# up.
  23. The funniest thing about this is that Homero sits at his computer all day attacking the president of another country, yet nobody listens to him despite the fact that he is about twice as old as the average member here.

    Not to mention Bush won.
  24. Only people who have nothing to say hide behind old threads.
  25. Only Homero, The Drift King, and the Supreme Court cite precedant.

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