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  1. Has there been any new on his recovery recently? Is he still on all the life support stuff, or is he able to breath for himself? Is he conscious at all, or is he just kinda being kept alive right now? I remember thinking he was probably done for good, but last major news I heard about him was more than a year ago so I don't know if he's actually recovering or if he's merely stable.
  2. Yeah, he's not going to recover at all

    They've built basically a hospital just for him, and he's in a bed being cared for 24/7.
  3. Yep home in Switzerland, likely on life support. Nothing on his condition for a couple years.
  4. I don't think its funny w00t nor this picture is appropriate
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  5. Family is still optimistic about him recovering some more and di Montezemolo says he's finally reacting to medical treatment
    Here's a farticle
  6. That's ok. Humour is subjective.
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  7. What if he's fully conscious and can't communicate or move his body and he's just trapped
    That's such a nightmare scenario
  8. If I'm ever in a vegetative state. And stem cells can't super human recover me. I will depend on all my SC.net dude bros to euthanize me.

    It seriously does scare the shit out of me. I broke my back when I was younger. Was paralyzed from the diaphragm down for almost 4 months. Once the swelling and inflammation went down I luckily got all feeling and movement back. The swelling pinched my spinal cord. But I have had a 95% recovery.
    That time being paralyzed was horrible. Having to have someone wait on you. Change your diapers. Do everything for you. It's fucking horrible. It truly does humble you.
    The idea that he may be mentally concious and just not able to do anything. Not be able to express anything is such a terrifying thought. @SEABEE. I am going to have a nightmare tonight thanks to you. Haha

    Edit: I'm not trying to say my situation is anything like his. Just saying with how much that messed me up. I couldn't imagine what that scenario would be like. If that was the case.
  9. Well as stem cell based tissue regeneration research advances, I'd imagine he'd be a prime candidate for it. I'm sure the idea of keeping him alive long enough for medical science to catch up is on someone's mind, if it's not being said.
  10. Whoever has control of his money has access to a lot. Almost $800m.

    That could fund a hell of a lot of medical research.
  11. Johnny Got His Gun
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    Novel (1938) wiki link
    Thought you may find this interesting
  12. My only concern for a miraculous recovery in his future is the atrophy and non use of his body and systems. Use it or lose it... but hope should still remain, because why not?
  13. I've had this book in my book queue for nearly a decade now, I think I will dig it out and make it my first one in a while.
  14. if hes a vegetable now hes going into my nurtibullet!!!!

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