Mid Engine V.S. Front Engine

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  1. Taking nothing else into consideration, what design has the advantage? I personally think there is no question here. There is one common characteristic among todays and yesterdays supercars. Can someone tell me what that is? Go ahead, just shout it out. Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Bugatti, Jaguar.......It is the superior design, no? The front engine design just doesn't have the same balance over the chassis. Assuming when your combining the weight between the rear tires and the front tires are the same, adding the drive train and cabin weight including driver, they are the same. But the ideal proportion should have the majority of the weight near the rear wheels right? Porche takes it a little farther and puts virtually all the weight on the rear axle, which creates the problem of understeer, meaning there isn't enough weight on the front end to provide responsive steering. The problem with front engine V-8's is that around corners the rear end acts as a pendulum. Making it that much more difficult for the driver to prevent the back end from shooting over, and possibly oversteering. If a mid engine car drifts, the whole chassis will slide into the corner, making it easier to power out of the corner.

    Sorry, kind of a long post.
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    You seem to already think what is the best design for engine placement on the chassis. I dont know much about this topic but i do know that the Ferrari 575m is a front engine V12 and it kicks some serious ass. But the Countach, The Legendary Diablo, and the soon to be lendary Murcielago are all mid engine V12's also and they are also very amazing machines. I think that if you have the right people knowing what they are doing that no matter Mid or Front enigine that you can still get an amazing supercar out of either one.

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