Might be a stupid question but.....

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  1. Knock knock

    who's there?


    China who?

    China, those guys who have been copying cars since the dawn of time. They say they no care about stupid white man laws.
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    Didn't realise you were a copyWRITE lawyer, lols.
  3. it is copyRIGHT you retard, it's your RIGHT TO COPY

    edit -- p.s. I had a class in international copyright law / trade implications last semester
  4. I was making fun of you ass-tard.

    "you realize patents all expire after give-or-take 20 years?

    unfortunately in the US and some other countries copywrights in certain circumstances are effectively unending (so that e.g. something like Micky Mouse is still not in the public domain)"
  7. it is copyWRIGHT you retard, it's your WRIGHT TO COPY
  8. Rejisturd Traidmarck

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