Milani for Maserati: Two New Carbonfibre Bicycles

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    Sharing stand space with Maserati's latest GTs at this year’s Geneva show were two state-of-the-art two-wheelers from top Italian manufacturer Milani.

    Based in Gallarate, near Varese (just north of Milan), Milani carries the name of its founder, racing cyclist Natale Milani. In 1927, Natale started building handmade frames and his son, Celeste, then created the ‘Milani Cycles Factory’ brand.

    The company is synonymous with finish of the very highest standard on frames designed and built in Italy. Materials such as steel, aluminium and now carbonfibre are expertly crafted into lightweight, strong bicycles for racing, touring or city riding.

    The latest models from Milani have been produced in conjunction with Maserati and carry the car manufacturer’s familiar dark blue paintwork, this time overlaid on ‘3K’ carbonfibre with gorgeous ‘Maserati’ silver script.

    The effect is stunning.

    Buyers can choose from two designs: the ‘Veloce’ is a high-performance racing machine – an ‘MC12’, if you like – while the ‘Turismo’ is suited to more gentle pursuits, such as touring or city commuting.

    Both versions are available in five sizes (s, m, l, xl, xxl). Prices vary between 3000 and 6000 euros - depending on size and specification - and the ‘Milani for Maserati’ range will be available from both Milani and Maserati dealers.

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  4. at least it's not a fixed gear.
  5. Single speed FTW
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    this aint no Tesla

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