Miley Cyrus is a #$%#ing idiot...

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  1. Or then they'll just all buy a prius because George Clooney has one and be all smug about it.
  2. See photos of Miley Cyrus and other stars pigging out on fast food
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    Toyota only takes 4% of their production, furthermore most damage there has been done a long time ago. Situations in Sudbury have improved greatly.
  4. Have any example of a battery dying? Heard ONE story?
  5. depends on the weight and usage of the car
  6. I just realized this thread is a grown man being jealous/insecure about a teenage girl. Whoever made it is a chump.
  7. Can't you se Prius is only the first step in the future of motoring? You have to start SOMEWHERE with hybrid and battery technology. It's all for a greater good.
  8. I think you're trolling. I hope you're trolling.
  9. she has such a weird face.
  10. No.
  11. MCH is a perennial retard, are you really surprised?

    as for someone famous making the lame move to the Prius, i roll my eyes. but at least, as some people are saying, it will raise awareness. granted awareness needs to move beyond the "im cool because i 'care' about the environment, see? i drive a Prius" phase, but consumer statistics over the last couple years are showing a growing shift.

    of course the Prius isn't great for the environment and probably isn't the savior of the world 90% of its owners make it out to be. and it'd probably be better for us all to be able to drive clean diesels. it's also probably best if we never manufactured a car again and kept using the ones that exist, seeing how friggin costly (energy-wise) it is to manufacture just about any complex, durable good -especially motor vehicles. as for what people ought to be driving, they OUGHT to be driving something like plug-in hybrids, from an environmental standpoint -or pure electrics. granted it may do little (arguably) to curb overall national emissions for a country, but at least point sources of pollution are far easier to trap/collect/mitigate than countless nonpoint sources like a country's fleet of cars. at which point there's other options available to tackle CO2 issues and such. -or just use renewables and/or nuclear.

    awesome, nuclear. it's about time.
  12. This makes no sense at all. The whole concept is wrong. Why to put an inefficient engine in a car and then try to fix the situations with a heavy battery pack which ruins the acceleration? Hybrid technology isn't all bad, they made it work in city buses, for example but they used supercapacitors instead of heavy and polluting batteries.

    And for future motoring there are some other, better plans like fuel cell technology.
  13. Nuclear is so fUcking late to the party in the US. That shit should have been pressed so long ago.
  14. "The horse is here to stay, but the automobile is only a novelty - ­a fad."

  15. pertaining to what that i said?
  16. talking about costs and environmental concerns of personal transportation. oats farts and water
  17. who the #$%# cares what some talentless #%[email protected] drives? a Porsche is wasted on her
  18. Plug-in hybrids <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/confused.gif"></A> You get about 85% efficiency from a modern coal plant, another 80-90% of that when it arrives to your house. When you calculate the loss from the charger/battery when charging the car and the efficiency of the car when driving, I doubt you're much better off with total CO2 than a good diesel.

    And if talking about a scenario where renewables/nuculuear power is used-why not just make H2 and put it in your tank, fuel cell or not.
  19. Not for the near future there are not. And I say it again, temporarily making cars with inefficient batteries is pretty much the only way to boost progress in battery technology and bring hybrid technology under the eyes of people.
  20. DUMBSHIT, it's about investing in the technology. When mankind is able to produce more energy without emitting CO2 the plugin hybrid makes perfect sense. BUT YOU CANNOT WAIT UNTIL THAT TIME HAS COME. goddamnit man

    Edit: because there is no infrastructure for H yet
  21. oh that explains it

    but still ugh
  22. Wanna maek rant contest? I'll win so don't go there.

    But about that investing stuff. Yeah, investment is good but it's investing in the wring kind of tech. Capacitors > batteries and Hydrogen > plugin.
  23. There is short term and long term investment. A solution is needed now.
  24. no its not. hybrids are gay
  25. I bet you´ll buy one before you die #%$got

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