Mini viper

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  1. That's pretty nice. Stripes like that are always anoying to get right and you did a good job. the headlight change was also needed. Nice work. If you feel like it, you should enter the next photoshop contest, a poll for the new contest will probably be up on monday.
  2. you made it??? btw impressive, really well made and kinda good looking too
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  4. really good work, can u explain me how you did those stripes?
  5. Pen tool. I first made a shape that encompassed both stripes, then another excluding stripe in the middle. Then it was a lot of fiddling around to get them to look half-decent. Also, i used about 90% fill on the white stripes to get them to appear as if they are on the car, not just on-top of the picture.
  6. Why are the stripes pink?
  7. see above.
  8. hehe, thats pretty good
  9. Hey this looks really good ... a little brutal design, but it fits to the viper look ;o))

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