Mission Motors to build fastest electric cycle

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  2. wierd...
  3. Thats awesome, ever since electric cars, Ive always wanted to see an electric bike. IMO bikes are even better suited for EVs since theyre less likely to be used for long distances, just cheap fun.
  4. id think bikes would be a super good candidate. Electric motors are small and light, and you dont need anywhere as large of batteries.
  5. It is definitely a cool concept. But it doesn't have the advantages of electric cars from an emissions standpoint. Bikes already get extremely good gas mileage, they are basically a low-tech solution to MPG problems. Electric bikes are just a cool implementation of technology.
  6. I'd be willing to bet that in the US the average motorcycle trip is much longer than the average car trip.
  7. Yea but the chances that someone will go more than 150 miles before having the opportunity to recharge is probably much less.
  8. yes, but electric vehicles arent JUST about cutting emissions, theyre also about weaning off our dependence on oil.
    it would be interesting to compare the emissions released in generating enough coal power to charge this and the emissions released from an ICE motorcycle.
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  11. id bet money on this as well. Then again, thats largely due to those harley dudes who ride cross country all the time.
  12. If charging took about 10 minutes and stations were all over the place it would be cool. If not it would really suck, myself and most of the people I know usually ride over 150 miles on a weekend ride.
  13. Its a good idea to help develope the technology and bring these issues up. But it doesn't make sense as a solution for either emissions or dependence on oil. Like I said, motorcycles are already extremely efficient, and they only account for some small percentage of motorists, and due to weather most people use another form of transportation sometimes (day to day) or during winter.
  14. People use other bikes for touring as well. On the EX250 boards there are people who have put over 100,000 miles on their 250s while touring.
  15. Also I would really miss the sound a comustion engine makes, I listen to the sound the engine is making in any particular gear to judge my speed.

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