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  1. This car has a boxer(horizontally-opposed)-12, not a V-12. The BB stands for Boxer Berlinetta.
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    ya good call missed that one
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    The performance numbers are also wrong for this car. Some how they got switched w/ the 1976 Ferrari 512BB. If yoy want to see the right performance numbers for the 1981 Ferrari 512BBi check out the 1976 Ferrari 512BB.
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    boxer 12 in 1981? thats amazing even today.
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    It is the BBi actually<!-- Signature -->
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    more like Berlinetta Boxer if you speak english<!-- Signature -->
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    Ferrari could have gained more hp's out of the engine.
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    you are correct!lollousy SuperCars.net,lol
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    You are correct,it is not a V12 but a flat~12,boxer engine.
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    The highest power output in the 512BB series was 360 HP.......but I do suppose they could have squeezed out at least 400 or better. Still, 360 is quite good for a late 70's to early 80's model.
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    It's amazing when you think that Enzo built his first flat-12 for the 512 F1 in 1964. It was of 1.5 litres, and had four distributors and fuel injection to make 220 bhp at 11,500 rpm, the 1965 car had two spark plugs per cylinder for another 5 bhp.
  13. Two things. First, technically, a boxer-12 is a 180-degree V12. Also, as for the HP ratings, the car was never officially imported into the United States, so all the cars here are gray-market conversions. The horsepower will vary depending on what was done to the engine to get it certified.
  14. lik e the 365 gt4 bb better

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