mitsubishi Evos are faster !!!!

Discussion in '2001 HSV VX2 SV300' started by 1 Evolution VIII, Jul 15, 2003.

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    13 km/h is a fair way off in my book, it may not seem like a lot but it takes a fair bit to get a car going that much faster.

    - thats a very simplistic view, you are not taking into account engineering, and given the reliability records of the LS1's, i wouldn't bet on it
    -who cares?
    -point being? i'd rather be in an M5 or S-type than an hsv in an accident, and in a crash with a solid object, you would be safer in the EVO as less mass = less momentum = less crash force
    -i find australian magazines times quite debatable and i apologise for using them as evidence
    -and have more moving parts, and as such are less reliable, use more fuel producing the same amount of power, and don't breathe as well. there is a reason why almost every car on the market today uses OHC
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    u need 2 kill yourself
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    could you please elaborate a little on your comment
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    Dude, first if you have a head on crash, would you rather a 5.7L V8 under a long bonnet to absorb the impact or a lawnmower motor? mass/momentum doesn't mean s#$%. My mother had a head-on in her mitsi galant with a `96 falcon.. the falcon got a replaced radiator, and a bit of panel work. the galant was written off.
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    I think if Holden wanted to make a 200k lux car, they would. But the thing is, people like them just the way they are so why change? I don't really know how you can compare Holdens with evos and wrxs anyway - they are in diff classes. So wtf?
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    an engine block is very strong, it doesn't absorb much impact force at all. what matters is crumple zones, passenger safety cells, and airbags.

    and your example is a heavier car impacting with a lighter car, which is always going to advantage the heavier car. the falc might also have been going faster, putting further momentum behind it.
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    Individual velocity doesn't mean anything. Either car could have been parked, the force is going to be the same on both of them due to conservation of energy.
    I was making a generalisation. Big car > more in front > less likely to die. I would much rather crash a Commy than any Jappa (diamante, maxima and camry included).
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    It wouldn't be the same because the heavier vehicle would have more momentum.
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    what about an Accord Euro, liberty, or Mazda 6
    all these cars have or are available with 6 airbags, and the liberty and accord scored 5 stars in crash testing.

    Also, if you hit a solid object, the lighter the car the better.

    But basically, when out of the roads you just have to pay attention and do anything to avoid a crash. Not being at fault is cold comfort if your dead or a vegie
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    for a front on crash a bigger car is always gonna be better. you are further away from the crash so theres more material between you and the accident to absorb some of the energy before it gets to you. which is a good thing. for a side on crash theres really nothing tahat any car can do to save you, doesnt matter what type it is
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    you know why volvo's were so safe to drive even 10 years ago. Crumple zones and the ability to disperse the energy of a crash around the car. Size in this instance does not matter, technology does. I know i'd rather crash in a Mazda 6 than a Holden because of the greater safety features that the Mazda offers ie: 6 air bags (inc. curtian) and also the new crumple zones developed in the front of the car.

    But then again, i'd rather not be in a crash.
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    Basically, if you are hitting another car, it is best to be in a heavier car, but if you are hitting a solid object a lighter car is better.

    Air bags and crumple zones count as well, a two tonne 70's muscle car isnt going to fare as well as practically anything modern.

    but basically, you should do anything you can to avoid crashing
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    commodores and every other modern car has crumple zones and being a larger car the commodore can have larger crumple zones to absorb the crash energy. they also have a lot of airbags (4 i think it is these days). if you have to be in an accident you will be safest in a new car, prefferebly a sedan of medium or larger size. not a 4wd or compact car. and old cars without crumple zones arent safe at all
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    Actually, if you were gonna be in a crash, you'd probably want to be in a new 4WD such as a X5 or something similar purely becasue of their size and weight
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    of course evos are faster
    1. Lighter
    2. much shorter ratios (stock form?)
    3. AWD system
    4. wasn't meant for a family car - more on the lines of a sports sedan

    HSVs weight more
    have longer gears
    use rear wheel drive (and IRS hurts acceleration)
    and are more over the side of a family car rather than sports sedans
    They are also big cars with big engines
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    but you actually have to drive one then. which is not good as the weight and ize affects handling badly as well as braking so they are more likely to cause an accident in the first place
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    Not to mention the fact they are deadily if they hit other cars, especially if the car gets "T Boned".
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    I personally hate 4WD's, as do many other people. However, for what they are, the BMW X5 and Porsche Cayenne (hope i spelled that right) are actually not bad cars (add the Lexus RX-330 to that list too, mainly because it is almost identical to the Cayenne). I wouldn't actually mind owning a Cayenne, the Cayenne S's are bloody fast. Apart from those listed, all 4WD's are crap
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    I don't hate them. I just hate the dropkicks that buy them and use them on roads, never to take them offroad to do what they were designed for.

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