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  1. wat u think?
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    UHH, this thing is HIDEOUS AND HORRIBLE, definetly Miura<!-- Signature -->
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    I'd take the Ferrari. Iknow that the Miura is mid engineed and damn fast, and in my opinoin the best car Lamborghini made, but when you get down to it Ferrari is a companny that came from a man who made race cars for a living, Lamborghini is a company that comes from a man who made tractors for a living.
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    Both of these cars are awesome, but if push came to shove, I would rather live with the Daytona. It is much more practical than the Miura (and lets face it, that has to be a consideration), and still goes just as damn hard.
    Plus it is a Ferrari.<!-- Signature -->
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    I'd go with the Daytona too. Both cars are history. The Miura was the frist mid engined road car ever, which is cool, but finding parts and someone who could work on it would be hard and expensive.

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