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  1. my bro jus got a model of the murcielago for his birthday. this is one sweet lookin car!<!-- Signature -->
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    I have one from AUTOart. It's GREAT!! What color did he get?
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    I just got one too!
    Mine's in black.
    don't you think they should put the windows on?
    what scale did he get?
    mine's 1/18<!-- Signature -->
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    By now you can get it almost anywhere, go to that's the most likly site.<!-- Signature -->
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    Check e-bay. Type '1/18 Murcielago' in the search field and see how many come up.
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    Although I bought mine in a car tuning shop in city centre.<!-- Signature -->
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    I got mine in the beginning of this month when the Murcielago came to the local Auto show.... and farted loudly!<!-- Signature -->
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    BTW, I also saw it doing "push ups"<IMG SRC="">

    I meant the guy there was playing around with the button in the car to adjust the ride height.<!-- Signature -->

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