Modena vs Z06

Discussion in '2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06' started by 1mic, Sep 13, 2002.

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    LOL, that's funny and so true even if I don't agree with you!!
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    yes, and the SVT goes right up there with your "cheap" Z06. Not so cheap for the performance now is it?

    anyway, both of these cars go into aftermarket modifications most of the time. And believe me, when you have 25 thousand extra dollars to put into a car, thats a big plus.

    and anyway, people with the 360 dont buy it just for going for good track times. if they did they would pay someone to take an old shitty car and completly rebuild it to make it a street monster.
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    The sad thing is I can take a 33 thousand dollar SVT cobra and stand toe to toe with your Z06. (Quote)

    With that comment you proved you know jack shit about the Z06 or 2003 Svt cobra. If you did you would know the 2003 Svt can't beat the Standard corvette coupe, let alone the Z06. MORON. However, what's truly funny is a $50,000 Z06 standing Toe to Toe with your $150,000 360 Modena. Loll ahahahahahh
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    the z06 is the third of the modena' s price but it offers more than the modena. the corvette is and remains the best sports car available for da price.
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    ever heard of a westfiled megabusa? t'would kick a vettes ass
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    Nope, never heard of it.
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    Nope, never heard of it.
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    check it out. its on this website.
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    my english-education endows me with copious amounts of humorous vocabulary and phraseology, and the cheerful prospect of my A-level exams being down-graded to a fail in order for the governement to keep grades down. yippee!
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    Your dumb and thats one of the gayest sites Ive ever seen!
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    Call me a brown noser? Just because you #$%#ed up and got owned don't try to take it out on me. I give credit where it is due, and that was a good reply to your post.

    "That may be the case, but I really don't care" - WTF were you thinking? He just proved you flat ass wrong and you refuse to accept reality like a 4 year old.

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    go to this website and you will see who is right.
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    woah there tonto. the argument was that tvrs were unreliable, i think, and i knew two people wiv tvrs which were very reliable. guibo's repost was to rather wittily end the argument. i was just having fun. sorry if i caused offense my friend.
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    Thats all right, I don't don't like being seen as someones puppet.
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    A SVT cobra easily beats a standard C5 corvette.

    NOW STFU N0OB !!!!!!#%@^^%*
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    wow tough action is going here! well for me the z06 is the best bargain in terms of sportscar available on the market
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    the svt stands toe to toe, maybe, depending on your standard. But the ford is not naturally aspirated, putting it another class, if you put a similar size blower on the vette, the difference would be astounding.
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    The svt only beats the z in price, and only beats the c5 in price & 1/4 mile.
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    I haven't read any posts in this thread, but the title is so stupid, comparing a ferrari to a chevrolet...and the one who takes the chevy over any ferrari well he's just a complete moron, cuz its not always about 0-60 times!!!!!!
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    You think the Z06 only handles well "for an american car?" Ha, think again. Some people are just so ignorant...
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    and the side break ducts, and the wheels, (but some wanna-bee's will put Z06 wheels on, and they can install the side break invents their selfs. and the Z06 is not a coupe, it's got a very small "back window" if you put it that way.
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    I'll take a modena lol! who wouldn't?
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    you're a dipshit. if you want to compare modded cars, Did you know for only 7000 dollars in mods an LT1 Vette would be running 10s while a shitty #%$ M3 would still be running high 13s. and BTW, the LT1 is 300 HP 350 cid and the M3 was still slower stock you stupid son of a *****.
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    Regarding the M3/Pursuit Camaro debate: it was a pursuit on a traffic filled highway. Even if the M3 did get away, that doesn't mean it's because it was faster than the Z28. What was the Z28 supposed to do, catch up to the M3 and crash into it while travelling at 125mph? Cause fatalities? No, the Z28 cop was only supposed to stay with the M3 until the M3 stopped trying to get away. Too bad he crashed. So to all you folks bragging about the M3 - take a dose of common sense. Put those two cars on a controlled drag strip, then winner take all. Don't use a goddamn police pursuit situation to decide which car is faster.

    Regarding the Z06/Modena: I'll take the Modena because it's an exotic car. However, I do happen to be a bigger Corvette fan than a Ferrari fan.
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    Us morons don't understand why you smart people want a car that breaks down every half mile.

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