Modified Supra's can't mess with this!.

Discussion in '2006 Hennessey Viper Venom 800R' started by bbcstachas, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. Yeah I hear all those punks talking about how a Supra is unbeatable from a roll and how they are exotic killers and such but id love to see one of those DAWG's trying and top this where there little 3.0.

    Not only will this pound a Supra but the allmighty Skyline GTR, any race, any aspect this will leave those two getting a great view of the tailights.
  3. You're being too general with your statement.
  4. Supra's suck and vipers aren't a great deal better but at least there likeable.
  5. just look at the cc gap between them
    supra: 3.0-1000hp
    skyline: 2.6-1000+++++hp
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