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Discussion in '2001 Honda Integra Type R' started by 300ZXfreakk, Nov 18, 2002.

  1. If I modifed this car I would add:
    American Racing 5-spoke wheels
    super or turbo charger (which one is more powerful?)
    Sparco racing seats and interior
    Red Acura logo
    Borla exhaust
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    I wouldn't blame you, I saw a Civic with a Corvette back once. You car is what it is, i don't know who thay are trying to fool?
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    Actually that Civic probably had the back of a skyline, same lights, slightly different design. Real drivers don't idolize the Corvette.
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    Why do you say that? Do have any Idea how many cars the Z06 outperforms or is equal to? Not to mention a value.
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    You also just described an R34 GTR....

    Of course, the fact that a number of import owners (particulary integra owners) aren't big domestic fans.

    With all that said...I've seen the integra with the Vette *ss too. It was definately modeled after the vette...
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    Sit in this car ad 9000rpm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    right, there's alot of cars that offer good bang for the buck, never did i say the Corvette was the only one.
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    I cant stand these "high rev" people, they overate cars like the s2000 so bad. Its no better than a domestic fan saying "it needs more displacement"
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    Well, people ahve their own opinion rite? SOme like highr ev, some like displacement.
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    Agreed, however you must admit there are countless people on this site that go on about Hp/L and high red lines bashing "low output" cars at the same time, that i dont like.
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    This car is an awesome sport-compact race car!!! I sup it up any day!!!
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    no, it's not
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    You really hate Honda dont you?

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