Mods for the GT 3.2 .. ideas ?

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Friend of a Friend, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. Modification for the GT 3.2

    Hi all .. :D

    well I was on the highways tonight .. and there comes an M3, i know my car is not the fastest car in the world .. but i gave the guy a run for his money .. up till 200 km .. then he started going further .. but after that .. the Z350 .. was literally screwed ..

    I am looking for some minor mods for the car .. i checked out autodelta .. they have some pretty things like the chip, carbon intake and the air filter .. the exhaust system sounds pretty tempting too but i am not sure.

    any ideas from you guys ?

    appretiate the help .. thanx in advance
  2. Alfa Romeo 8C mod.
  3. maybe novitec and merkur have some nice kits already
  4. I am sure that both Autodelta and Novitec has Kompressor/SC kits for that engine. It is the same engine as in the GTA and Autodelta at least have made a kit for that.

  5. thanks guys .. i think i'll go for the chip, intake, exhaust and maybe the sports clutch for the time being .. and maybe some exterior mods
  6. save money on the exterior mods, buy a camera and take pics of it for us all to see <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  7. Don't do this:
  8. Go for Autodelta..They have the best quality products for Alfas
    I met a guy in Dubai motor show who owns a 156 GTA that puts out around 300 BHP, he got the Autodelta intake and chipped it too.. you can find nice mods for the GT that will make it around 320 BHP
  9. wut color is ur car ?
  11. I know i'm a bit too vague but I thought I give it a try: white back lights, bright metallic red, 5 arm rims(18'-19'). I'm very aware that I just desecrated an Alfa GT, but thought you might appreciate the idea. As for performance tuning, sorry. no ideas.
  12. dont ever put clear covers on the lights
  13. just no....

    and don't do performance mods either, you'll wreck the way it handles (much, much more torque steer) and it'll then take you longer to save up for an 8c!.

    besides, you're car is absolutely perfect as is, you don't need to go racing anything at the lights
  14. its not gona effect my savings ..

    besides .. we're not sure we're getting the 8c here yet.

    Its all gona be clear by the beginning of next year

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