Monaco Supercars part 2

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  1. 96 pages for the first Monaco Supercars.

    And for see last pages , it's very difficult (last in Sat, Feb 21 for me), so, a new thread, the part 2.......
    thank you

  2. That is awesome. Makes an RS4 look like just a people carrier.
  3. the techart looks so badass!
  4. hey fqogil, what country is the blue plate 6341 WW MC?
  5. hi, WWMC is before the Monaco finish plate, for garages or if you buy a new car or a car in an other country.
    You have a same plate for France, but not MC, just a number.

  6. fqogil, is that an F50 under the tarp? I see an Enzo and a 959
  7. yes F50, it was this evening, in parking in front of Casino of Monte Carlo.
  8. Awesome. The only car in that picture I've ever seen is the 959. But to see that with an Enzo and an F50 must really be nice. Or are you just used to that by now out there?
  9. Where do you live? You should try to make it to a dealer one time. I was shocked when I walked into Ferrari of Central Florida and saw this
  10. I live in the west 'burbs of Chicago. I'm actually not too far from Lamborghini Chicago's dealer in Westmont, and just a few minutes away from that is a Ferrari/Maserati dealer. Up until a few months ago there was a Lamborghini/Lotus dealer only about 5 mins from my house, but I think I've read that they merged with Lamborghini chicago
  11. Just make a trip there one afternoon. I'm about 1.5 hours away and every time I've been there has either been an Enzo, F50 (only once), F40, Scuderia, CS, and a few Challenge cars in the garage.

    It's worth it.
  12. I'm a member of ferrarichat, and I've seen a lot of guys posting on there that the dealers in the area are friendly to people walking in just to look at the cars, just something I've never done for some reason. Coming up pretty soon the Ferrari dealer mentioned earlier is having a model car and art show. Problem with that is its on a Sat, and I work every Sat. This week I have the day off, but thats for other reasons relating to buying a house (hopefully). If it is this weekend, I should be able to make it there in the afternoon, since I'm already going to be right up the street (kinda).
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  15. Liking the M5 touring
  16. hey fqogil Love the 959, enzo pic!! At an event or just normal day?
  17. M5 touring is such an awesome sleeper

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