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  1. ay caramba! on todays show, they hacked apart a DeLorean to put it on a hovercraft <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>. did anyone watch it? they really wreaked the car...
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    they already had that for about 1 or 2 years. i did here about that.
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    yeah it was old when i saw the credits. i was amazed how they can treat a vintage car like that. kinda cool to see the anatomy of the car.
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    yeah, at least more people know its not all steel.
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    NNNOOO! they ripped apart a poor little delorean?!?
    oh well i supose it made for a good show.
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    yeah it did im sure, but i didnt see it. i want to just to see what they said.
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    The show was pointless. They never really used much from the Delorean. And the car was in great shape. But the show is a fake anyway.
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    all they did was wreck the delorean becaust the hovercraft didnt even work those jackasses!
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    sick sons of bitches.
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    It was cool
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    The episode i mean
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    im happy just to know it made SOME publicity.
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    ya that was awsome they actually put a piece of crap to good use.
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    didnt they actualy destroy two Deloreans?

    it was sickening
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    Not sure if someone said this, but if it was Rich from, he redoes a bunch of Deloreans, but he tries to develop the cars from wrecked or otherwise unusable DeLoreans. He built the 4x4, a hovercraft, working on a high performance, and a convertible, losing the gullwings ofcourse.

    I like it anytime a D is on TV
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    whah! i'm watching the re-run right now, and they just ran it over as i type and ... yup there it goes, looks like my 280zx after she went to the shredders.... excellent timing i think..
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    Hi D lovers, newb here.
    I've seen that website about the converted D's ... honnestly I don't agree with that hoovercraft thing ... the car is destroyed ...

    Now for a little off topic ... as anyone ever seen a race prepared D?
    Like a TC or a ProCar racer? I think the Delorean would really be one heck of great racer cause it's so low, wide and (in my oppinion) has great aerodynamics...

    Keep the dream alive
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    the only good rear engine racers imo are porsche. the way they do their handling is amazing. the delorean didnt quite get porsche handling.

    as for aerodynamics, they were known for a wedgy design compared to its competition. it also was known for high speed lift becuase the front had to be pushed up for US bumper/light standards. its competition had the same issue though.
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    monster garage was good until they started going around the country. Was jesse james even involved in the build of the D Hovercraft.
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    Metallica Reload, you should join the Delorean club thingy.

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