Monster JDM Engine Faceoff

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by Dcepticon, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. More racing heritage?
  2. If so Toyota was built on 4cyl and not V6, I6 or V8
  3. now this is just a ?, i don't need you exploding in retarted anger, like most of my post are based on memory off the top of my head but last i remeber, is that yes the v8's were faster, but not that much faster, and quicker, but the little 3.0 i6's were also able to hit the 6 second marks with the same type power adders? (so i'm trying to recall) (PLEASE REFRESH MY MEMORY IF IM WRONG)if not i still think that the feat that those damn 2jz hit are quite amazing wouldn't you think?
  4. There is no most about it, all of your posts are based on your own retardedness.

    Go back to the Rice And The Ridiculous forums ass face. You know jack shit about cars and you have this need to demonstrate it in every post.
  5. umm, no jack ass your the one who thinks hes the shit because he sits there for most of his life researching it, i ask a ? and you don't answer it, instead you try to put everyone down to make your gay ass look better, guess what who gives a #$%# if you know more dumbshit, this forum isn't for only the geeks out there its for everyone, who has one care and thats about cars, if they ask, whats the problem with answering it #%$get, like i guessed you will explode in moronic fashion like always , instead of reading it fully and letting it soak in you get angry and respond with out even answering the ? because????????

    just beacus someone quotes you you think right away that they are talking shit??/ sorry man but not everyone is a lowlife like you.

    BTW,,, ouch you hurt my feelings <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> waaaaa! LoL
  6. im more into bikes like a said in a previous post, so who gives a shit, now when i was into cars they i would go head to head with you by studying shit too, but frankly i don't care, WOW you know more??? you want a #$%#ing medal ........ HEh
  7. There are at least 2 RB powered cars that have run 200 mph+ traps.
  8. rb26dett with an rb30et bottom end in a VL Commodore.
  9. Who cares? Why does it make a difference if some engine was raced.
  10. To alot of people thats of importance.
  11. f*ck racing heritage, how about aftermarket support?

    No, what it really needs is PASSION :-D

    and... C32 please *ducks flying shoe*
  12. I'd rather have huge aftermarket support myself, but its kinda nice knowing the same engine as in your car has won X championships etc.
  13. But racing engines differ greatly from their production sibling. It is like a set of twins, both has the same genes, but one trained his whole life for the olyimpics and the other did 10 pushups every sunday night. The 10 pushup guy has the same potential, but would you put the time, effort, and money that it takes to make him into an olympian. This is akin to saying that the corvette is a better car than a 550/575, becuase the vette consistantly beats it.
  14. good point, good point indeed.

    Racing heritage is cack. So you wouldn't like to drive an Exige cause it's got a 2ZZ-GE? Or an Exige Mk I cause it's got a tuned rover k-series? Neither of those engines are racing classics...
  15. ur a dumbass u would rather have an engine that sounded good and sucked, over one that didnt sound the way u like (prolly all riced out and sh|t) but performed much better!? ur an idiot, and no ur the only one who feels that way... ASS
  16. Sound is on my priority list, but far from #1 on it. You barely have a grasp on the english language though, so probably don't even know what a priority list is.
  17. 1 UZFE without a doubt from that list. in terms of displacement and power to weight ratio for the engine it is basically impossible to beat by the other engines(in tuned form that is). its tiny, has 8 cylinders, is very light and an all aluminum construction, has a forged crank that has taken past 2k hp, forged pistons and is extremely well engineered.

    i would also say that its the most reliable out of those powerplants. these engines regularly clock over 200-300k miles until their first rebuild and in some cases as high as 600k miles and still running strong.
  18. don't forget that it's also very cool. heh.
  19. I voted VK56.
  20. cool enough for bmw to base the design of their 5L M power V8 on the very engine<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>. bmw actually studied the 1uzfe during the design process of their m power V8 in order to improve on their technology and packaging.
  21. But it's still tight.
  22. And that's why it's going into the car I'm currently building. I already paid for my rear clip and should have it about Jan 10th. I'll be pushing about 400rwhp most likely. Naturally I chose it for this poll... though it may not technically be the "best" of the bunch.

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