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  1. i took the desighn to tune my 1999 accord<!-- Signature -->
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    is there a website that u can get graphic kits or extior parts???i am thinking bout getting a accord<!-- Signature -->
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    Graphic kits? Like stickers and stuff for the side of the car? Kind of like the ones in The Fast and the Furious. Well, if that's what you're looking for, then try Look in the accessories category. I've seen some that advertise, "Just like in Fast and the Furious." <!-- Signature -->
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    200 horsepower is sporty, but hardly a monster. the Ferrari enzo is a monster, this is a pissed off mouse
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    This car is only availble in Japan, and 209hp is enough in Japan.
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    Racing in Japan is completly different in Japan so if you American drag racers want to Racing in the Highways of Japan get ready to get you ass fewk in the butt hole boetches.

    Mugen Racing Rulez!!!
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    This car is also available in Europe with 220bhp. A friend of mine just bough one recently and it is one mean mother of a machine. And it's not that expensive neither. My friend bought a 2001 model with 65.000km for 20.500€ and that's cheap here in Finland. The car is in prime condition. The bad thing is, that it's hard to find good parts for it(monster brakes, good exhaust, suspension). That shit cost alot in here.
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    I believe the one in Europe is the Type R.
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    Since when did butt#$%#ing have anything to do with racing?
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    Same car, different badge. This thing is one of the best(or the best) FWD cars that I've ever driven. And it sounds sweet(atleast my friends R sounds sweet, with custom exhaust, headers and intake).
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    It's a pertty damn good car.
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    Wangan racing owns all
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    It's not a monster, more like a "baa lamb" to a monster, but nevertheless a lovely car.... a friend of mine owns an Accord '96 so i my Civic EX '96 everytime on all sorts of tracks, twisting, straight.........
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    "get ready to get you ass fewk in the butt hole boetches"

    i dont even know how to reply to this because its so #$%#ing stupid. there are 100's of tuner cars here that would whoop the shit out of japanese tuner cars. end of story.
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    What, like a camaro? LOL, I dun think so loser.
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    I want this car.
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    i dont that a mustang, vette, camaro, or viper could keep up with as supra, nsx, skyline, silvia, or even a civic in the streets of Tokyo. they would just get smoked like no other.
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    oh yeah guys, definitely a monster, i can see why this car made it to wow pathetic, if a honda can make it to the site (not including honda/acura nsx) then how come i havent seen any spiffy saturns or perhaps a kia sephia. there quite a supercar, it may give that honda a run for its money.

    My car: 1988 chrysler conquest TSI
    bone stock, but is certainly better than the starion on this site.
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    Dude, Hondas are on here because they're quite fast for what they are, and a Mitsubishi GTO 3000 couldn't keep up with a Civic Si, so I don't think you should talk.

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