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  1. No other word can describe this.
    800hp in a car around 2600lbs.

    can ony imagine what it feels to fully open it up overtaking someone trying to keep up with you.
  2. yep, its hard to think of anything that can beat this
  3. This could pass any other car like it was standing still.
  4. The only production cars that could give it a run would be the 2005 Bugatti Veyron, 1995 McLaren F1 LM, and the 2006 Ferrari FXX.
  5. is the 962 dauer a production car
  6. is the 962 dauer a production car
  7. is the 962 dauer a production car
  8. To my knowledge, no. It was just for racing.
  9. the one thing i never liked about koenigsegg is that their indredibly big and really looks like a chode...dont get me wrong, koenigseggs are really good cars but they should do something new about the lenght of the car so it goes with the hight
  10. In a straight line the Veyron would beat it in every race imaginable. But it's a nice car.
  11. The only race i cound think of was a rolling start 50 km/h in 1st gear, because of the Turbo's needing to spool up in the veyron, wich gives the CCX a little headstart, i dont think it would stay ahead very long .. maybe a couple of 100 metres =)!.

    You have to think about the weight differences too.
  12. There's not even a handful of cars that can beat it. It must be the one of, if not, the best cars in the world.
  13. The Bugatti is not realy a track car.Turn the wheel to much when in top speed mode (second ignition on pre-checks done)and it resets itself.The F1 LM would be a good race but i think the CCX would take it.As for the FXX Ferrari has said it has relatively the same top speed as the enzo but improves on every other aspect so you have a hell of a track killer.Tough call unless you do a speed test in which the CCX takes it with ease.
  14. Around a track the FXX would murder the CCX,no question.But the FXX isnt road legal and it more a track day race car than the keonigsegg is.
    It'll murder a veyron around a track though,provided the track isnt mainly high speed.
    Simply due to better cornering than the veyron....although I've not seen a veyron go round a track properly so it might not win.
    Either way,its one of the highest performance cars on the planet.
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