Monteverdi Museum Car Pictures(my fotoshot)

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  6. are these all the cars in there? or is there more?
  7. 70 monteverdis was in the museum,in three levels.The museum is the old MBM(monteverdi-binningen-motors)fabric.The surprising is the collection of 11000 miniature model cars!!
  8. Is the museum still open?
  9. nice
    perhaps i need to pay a visit there aswell <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
  10. Sure my frend.But first call when you go becose its for privet view.The cost is about 200euros for open but it is worth one's while to go.It's better you to go with other guys to share the cost.Tel.0041614214545.
  11. Sounds mighty tempting, I'm planning a car vacation across Europe next summer, and I'll be driving through Switzerland, so I will seriously consider this.
  12. Before his death, in the museum existed many from the most infrequent cars of world .Porsche RS 61,356,930turbo`77-Bmw M1-Iso grifo,all Ferraris `60-`64,testarossa,F40`88.Mercedes 300SL,600 limusine`67-Chevrolet corvette `77-Lamborghini espada`73,muira`72,countach`80-mini cooper 1968-Fiat topolino `51,500 `70,1100 `61-Alfa Romeo spyder`65,montreal`75-Lancia hf coupe`70,Aurelia GT`58-Renault heck`53,R5 turbo`86-Citroen ID`63-Dodge charger-Rolls Royce silver cloud`57-Ford thunderbird`55,mustang convertible`67-VW beetle`50,golf GTI`86-MG A`61-Jaguar E typeV12,Maserati indy`73-DeLorean-NSU sport`65-Lotus elite`76….and many rare race motocycles-sidecars,jeeps and army vehicles.

  13. Incredible! Where is biningen?
  14. In basel switzerland.Near to boarder with France.
  15. 200 Euros?? Ouch.
  16. All the good things are cost!
  17. Pics of hai 450 ss
  18. In the oldtimer gala switzingen 2006
  19. Monteverdi Hai 450SS
    Year 1970
    Make Monteverdi
    Model Hai 450SS
    Body Style Coupe
    Engine Location Mid
    Drive Type Rear Wheel
    Body Designer Trevor Fiore

    Weight 2835 lbs | 1286 kg

    0-60 mph 4.9 seconds.
    Top Speed 180 mph | 289.6 km/h Similar top speeds

    Engine Builder Chrysler

    Engine Configuration V
    Cylinders 8
    Aspiration/Induction Normal
    Displacement 6974.00 cc | 425.6 cu in. | 7 L.
    Valves 16 valves.
    2 valves per cylinder.
    Valvetrain OHV
    Horsepower 450.00 BHP (331.2 KW)
    Torque 490.00 Ft-Lbs (664.4 NM) @ 4000.00 RPM
    HP to Weight Ratio 6.3 LB / HP (Vehicles with similar ratio)
    HP / Liter 64.3 BHP / Liter
    Bore 4.25 in | 108 mm.
    Stroke 3.75 in | 95.3 mm.
    Compression Ratio 10.25:1
    Main Bearings 5
    Fuel Type Gasoline - Petrol
    Fuel Feed Carburetor
    Vehicles with similar horsepower and weight

    Standard Transmission
    Gears 5
    Transmission Manual
  20. What's that car at the top of the Gallery, and in your avatar?


  21. The two original monteverdi hai 450 ss,the one red(in the museum) top of my fotoshot and the other(purple smoke color) is in america.
  22. Later peter monteverdi built another two hai with the spare parts he had stock in his factory.In my avatar is one of these.Looking carefully the frort lights see the differece from original.
  23. you should know the car in his avatar...
  24. The first Hai is TNT101, the prototype. Monteverdi converted it to look like the GTS model by painting it red with high-set doorhandles. In 2006, the car was bought from Switzerland and restored in America to mimic its original magenta paint and handles location.

    I've included both the presale and post-restoration pictures.
  25. The front lights is not the same.All the original hai 450ss and gts they haven't straight cut in front lights.

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