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    Our spy photographers have snapped a few more shots of what is almost certainly the high-performance SHO version of Ford’s upcoming Taurus sedan - set to be unveiled in less than a week at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. From the photos, which were snapped just hours ago, we can see the SHO-specific bodykit, dual tail pipes and large 20-inch alloy wheels.

    Ford will reposition the Taurus to become more of a personal luxury sedan, the likes of which have not been seen wearing a Ford badge in many, many years. Class-exclusive luxury and performance features inside and out are promising, but we’ll know the full story next week when the Taurus is officially unveiled.

    It’s unknown if the high-performance model, which will feature a 350-horsepower twin-turbo Ecoboost V6 and a six-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters, will retain the legendary SHO badge or if it will get the more Euro-inspired ST badge.

    The high-performance variant will almost certainly feature standard all-wheel-drive from the Lincoln MKS, from which the Taurus receives its basic structure.

    These latest photos supplement the nearly undisguised prototype our spies captured in December.

    While the prototype spotted last year still has a Lincoln steering wheel, the rest of the interior for the Taurus appears to be unique when compared to the MKS. We can see several details including an engine start/stop button, Sirius satellite radio, heated seats and a Sony sound system. Chrome ringed gauges and air vents are also clearly visible.

    The current Ford Taurus was unveiled in early 2007 as the 2008 Ford Five Hundred. It was then renamed to Taurus in an effort to take advantage of the nameplate’s strong mindshare. The car was “facelifted” to give it more style than the original 2005 Five Hundred. Unfortunately, the move was not enough to boost sales or public perception of the model.

    As a result, Ford CEO Alan Mulally ordered a complete redesign. Less than six months ago, he told the press the 2010 Taurus would be “the one we should have made originally.”

    Ford has decided to combine elements of its “Bold American” and European “Kinetic” design language for the 2010 model. While this isn’t Ford’s all-new design language (which will debut in several years), it is certainly a move in the right direction.

    Although previous prototypes have been heavily clad in camouflage, an earlier image leak and our artist’s illustration show what the production Taurus will look like. The basic three-bar grille remains, but it has been grafted onto a trapezoidal opening. A similarly shaped inverted air intake sits below the grille. The headlights have some detailing similar to other American Ford products, but their shape is decidedly European.

    Ford will apparently not offer a Mercury Sable version of the Taurus for the first time since 1986 (not including the brief period when it was renamed Montego to go along with the Five Hundred).
  2. More like NO 2010 Taurus SHO pics...
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  4. looks quite Falcon-ish
  5. this is gonna be as badass as the 1st gen
  6. It best be a SHO
  7. They better keep the SHO badge, and not the ST badge
  8. SHO me the pics, dammit.
  9. Click the link you retards.
  10. That's a shitty pic, retard.
  11. What's that? an old Acura TL?
  12. I felt like saying that last night, but decided against it. Needed to be said though
  13. do some people on this site have brain malfunction's or offense or any thing just saying know is ford trying to boost there sale's with this or something.
  14. Sure, Ford is trying to boost sales with an SHO. The previous SHOs were hits, although they were niche vehicles. I can see this being a big hit again. Problem is, it's most likely gonna stay FWD. They need something to compete with the G8 and Charger. The Crown Vic is similar, but I don't consider it a competitor
  15. QUOTE FROM FIRST POST: "The high-performance variant will almost certainly feature standard all-wheel-drive from the Lincoln MKS"

    And you chide us for complaining about there being no pics...
  16. Ah, I missed that line. Ok, that is better than FWD.

    And no, I never once said there were no pics, I clicked the link the first time I saw this thread
  17. Ugh, look "chide" up in a dictionary then edit your post as appropriate.
  19. Take the time to post the pictures you idiot
  20. did you write about it in your diary instead ?
  21. And a Falcon picture for those who probably dont even know:
  22. Should be a ute

    wtf ford
  23. I did, then I locked it up and hid it under my mattress

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