More Cars Should Have Rotary Engines (The Real One)

Discussion in '1993 Mazda RX-7 JM1FD' started by Ladies Man, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Sorry about that last empty post...I accidently pressed enter when I was entering the topic. Here's what I was planning on saying:

    The rotary engine in the RX-7 is a work of art. It's light and is somewhat easy on gas. What other car that has a 1.3L engine comes with 255 hp stock? Nothing comes to mind. The hp/L is the best on the site (if its not, it sure as hell is one of the best). Aside from having to replace the rotors after 70000km, there is very little to complain about in this engine. Strikes me that Ferrari, Lambo, McLaren, pick your own favourite sports car or company, should make rotary engines of their own. BMW got started as an airplane company, and even though they haven't made an airplane engine for 50 years, they should go back to their roots and build rotary engines. And before some idiot comes and says, "Just because it's called a rotary engine doesn't mean that it’s an airplane engine," yes, it is. Instead of building these big-displacement gas hogs, they should try to build maybe a 3L-4L rotary engine. At almost 200hp/L (and no offence to Mazda, but if Mazda can get almost 200hp/L out of a car that isn't that expensive, imagine what Ferrari or BMW could do), it would get the power of a much bigger engine without the weight or the displacement. Drop a 4L rotary in the McLaren F1 or the Saleen S7 (I picked those cars cause they are some of the lightest and most aerodynamic cars ever built) and imagine what it would do.
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    all iz gotz to say is RX-7's are da shizznit!<!-- Signature -->
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    its such a change from piston engines that most car companies (well every car company besides mazda) isn't willing to put the R&D into it and take the risk

    rotary's tend to be less efficient - they eat more gas than a piston engine. they apparently detonate more easily (my guess) than piston engines and run lower compression #'s (fact), which hurts efficiency.

    rotaries have also had problems with emissions, but i think mazda fixed that with the renesis.

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    yeah rotary = cant sieze up they BLOW UP TO BITS!!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    read one of my other posts to hear a funny blowing story <IMG SRC="">

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