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Discussion in 'Worked's Website Forum' started by christofurr, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. on this crossbow shop in Petone are required. Also, details on the crossbow.
  2. 50lb pistol crossbow, nothing flash, but powerful enough to go through jib board. I've moved a set of drawers in my room now...

    I'll post pics when I'm not so retarded.
  3. You're never posting pics?

    btw this is Worked's mum:
  4. 7 days is enough time to become anti-retarded. I went for a drive along Jackson St the other day and couldn't find the #$%#ing place. Then again, It probably doesn't call itself "Crossbow Cave" of some shit.

    What side of the road is it? Beach side or *shudder* Hutt side?

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