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Discussion in '2001 Ford Mustang Bullitt GT' started by killer69, Aug 11, 2002.

  1. That engine is so underpowered and slow, it proves how bad Ford sucks. It is a special edition and it is still weaker than hell. I have a question for you: is this not a tuned version of their 4.6 V8 with 269 hp? If so that is incredibly sad because the Mustang is thier big performance car and the Cadillac 4.6 V8 in the Deville has 300 hp, and we all know it is not meant to be a big performance car. Moral of the story? Cadillac: The fusion of design and technology.
    Ford: Can't make an engine.
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    You are an idiot. Those cars are in completely different classes. The differences between the Bullitt and GT are many but not noticeable to a f#cking dumbasses like yourself. The Cadillac is a sports/luxury car kind of like the bmw M5. Now do all the cars that have less horsepower than the M5 (disregard all classes because I'm using your idiot logic) suck? That would include the camaro z28SS and the corvette. Ford and Cadillac both make great engines, the 32V northstar is great.
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    i dont know were the hell caddy and BMW came form but all i have to say is i had a real good time makin this car look like shit when i raced it in my 30th anv. camaro
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    Ur a f#cking d#mbass,do u even know wat ur saying??? Even if Mustang has a 300hp itll beat shit of any car wid the same hp. its more fun when u buy a car that wasnt fixed up like those peace of shits japcrap...theyr fixed up and cost the same price as regular american... and americans r smart they leave u a lot of fun time to fix up ur car!!! Mustangs Rulez
    P.S:ive never seen such a d#mbass like u r!
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    You are a f**king gay queer from hell. you were bashing on mustang in another thread too. What about the 390hp supercharged 4.6liter V8 in the mustang cobra. And no that engine in the bullitt is not modofied you #%$ it's just the 2 valver not 4 valver. And the 4 valver makes 320hp na dipshit.
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    Nobody will argue that the Bullit could have used a few extra ponies, but this car was designed more as a vintage car rather than a rubber burning car. And this car could burn plenty of rubber if it wanted. The asthetics are great in this car.
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    Why are there people in here trashing this car? who has actually been in one?!!? my friend owns one and this is a badass car. Sure, it's just a Mustang Gt with some appearance, suspension, and braking mods, but it wasn't designed to out-perform a nomal mustang gt. i mean why do you waste time bashing a car when u can be learning shit about cars you actually like. I like chevy's and fords..even some dodge's...i dont bash cars. go back to you forum and quit talkin shit.
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    ford just sucks

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