More manly’ Bug gets in shape

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  1. Sportier, more masculine look for ‘too cute’ Beetle with revived classic set to arrive in 2010.

    Auto Express Car Reviews
    Text: Sam Hardy / Photos: Radovan Varicak/Motor Forecast
    03rd September 2008

    Prepare to fall in love with the Bug again! Auto Express has learned that Volkswagen is planning an all-new Beetle... and it’s dropping the present car’s cute curves for an altogether more sporty and striking look.

    The new styling direction has come about because VW wants to attract more male customers to the model. A company insider told Auto Express that the current variant is considered too feminine and needs to have a stronger shape.

    Going up against revived classics such as the MINI and Fiat 500, the new Beetle is due to arrive in 2010. We’ve produced an artist’s impression to show you how the car is tipped to look. And, as you can see, it’s much more assertive, mixing a coupé-style low roofline with chunky pillars, a squared-off waistline – similar to the latest Audi TT’s – and a wider stance.

    Our insider said that the firm’s design department wants the newcomer to have “cleaner and meaner surfaces”, but he admitted that the project was not an easy one. “The architecture is timeless – to make it right is difficult,” he told us. “But unlike with the MINI, you will be able to tell the difference between the present model and the new one.”

    Design proposals have already been submitted to the VW board for approval, and these include a cabin with better packaging, offering more space for occupants and luggage. Under the skin, the fresh model will be based around the modular chassis of the new MkVI Golf. As well as the coupé version shown here, there is likely to be a convertible variant, too.
  2. Still about as manly as a doily
  3. Bottom of the want list
  4. No engine at the back, driving the rear wheels, no beetle.
  5. put the motor in the ass and we'll talk.
  6. Still a no from me.
  7. when i saw the thread name i thought of bugatti....
    but this looks like a kit car that just isnt quite right
  8. More manly in a very gay kind of way then
  9. the only thing that i love about the bug is seeing it on fire, 599-style
  10. its a rabbit thats more girly
  11. the only way to make the beetle manly is to put a turbo engine out back.
    Round lights also dont help it.
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  16. Turbodiesel boxer engine like in the new legacy.

    and scaled down version of porsche's awd system

    I'd buy one, I swear. I don't care how it looks.. Cause if that kind of motor can make 50mpg in a legacy, it's gotta be able to make 60 in a econobox.

    and all that torque will certainly not leave it wanting for power.
  17. Even looks more gay.
  18. outcome?
    guys STILL wont like it, but neither will women
  19. side view is vastly improved.
    I dont mind it.

    BUT ... what Innotech said.
  20. whats the point in bugs, there made for girls and gays just leave it that way, men are gunna go buy a golf or scirocco, they dont want a beetle, even if it was masculine it's still called a #$%#in beetle
  22. looks exactly like the Fiat.
  23. "when i saw the thread name i thought of bugatti..."

    finally explains why The Bug maker bought Bugatti

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