More next gen Civic type R pics

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by KRSONe1, Dec 10, 2004.

  1. It's pretty ugly I think.
  2. what else would you expect from honda?
  3. The original Integra and RSX both look great! I would rather have a Honda, than a Corvette or Camaro, both of which looked crushed.
  4. There goes the civic's tuning reputation...
  5. The first Integra was ugly as hell and the RSX looks like a smashed version of the G35.

    You’re the same kind of dumbass who’d be hanging around a parking lot talking about how the RSX is faster than the Corvette because it’s t0tally JayDM y0 with a 8,000rpm redline.

    Face it, be it trucks or performance cars you don’t have a f**king clue.
  6. I hate some cars yet i recognize that they are fast and don't suck
  7. Alot of Hondas almost look capable of off-roading what with that ridiculously high ride height, also they seem to love skinny tires.
  8. of course, id much rather have an RSX-S than a corvette, i mean it gets close to the same gas mileage while having half the hp! not to mention, we all know how shitty corvettes handle.

    yeah i mean the rsx redlines at 8k, the corvette only redlines at 6500, so the rsx probably has better topend. not to mention the rsx has V-TEC, because its much smarter to make a gutless engine with gizmo-gadgets than one with slightly more displacement that has a better powerband and equal or better gas mileage. not to mention, you have to respect the way honda continualy inovates its engines. The re-introduction of V-TEC on a yearly basis on top of the fact that all hondas have the intimidating VTEC badges on them keeps all of the other companies on top of their game. maybe one day everyone else will be smart enough to use variable valve timing.
  9. LOL!
  10. the japanese have no clue what they are doing , designing thier cars the way they are right now, the past ones looked better, as i keep saying, the japanese just keep proving that they love making thier new designs uglier by every new intoduction.
  11. LANOS TYPE R?!?!?

    stylistically speaking, anyway.
  12. very well said
  13. nice...
  14. there is somthing wrong with u ppl!!! this thing looks so insanely ugly it hurts my eyes to look at EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!
  15. I like the Lanos...
  16. opinions are like assholes, everybody has one...

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