More power for the GT3 RS

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  1. nice beetle
  2. I read some predictions about this car, great to hear it's real now.

    Too bad it doesn't have riveted arches like the rumours said.

    edit: and 500hp is amazing from an engine like this
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    500hp from a NA flat 6 ? DO WANT !
  4. am in geneva at the moment. saw a 458 italia and a new mulsannne at a set of lights. both looked impressive but an incredibly badass black/grey 993 GT2 rocked up and stole their thunder.

    riveted arches ftw.
  5. riveted arches is such rice
  6. nope
  7. check racing cars in the 60's
  8. sooo awesome
  9. so lame that the typical german response for more power is MOAR DISPLASEMENT
    ugh what happened to utilising tech to create more power
  10. australia dutifully 10 years behind the curve
  11. Nice, but I still rather have the Nissan GT-R.
  12. fack, 125 hp/l
  13. It is awesome. You need a 458 to improve that number. Pretty amazing.
  14. if you really want to be anal, the 458 doesnt quite make 125 hp/l
    and this does.
    so this has better.
  15. Owned
  16. hp/l

    the only stat that matters.
  17. S2000 actually
  18. 570 Hp / 4499 ccm = 126,7 hp/l so the Ferrari does it better and you must have your school money back.
  19. The S2000 engine is totally awesome!
  20. Except it doesnt have 570 horsepower, it has 570 PS, which equates to 562.19 horsepower.

    edit: actually, double checking, I think some sources quote the power wrong on this thing too, its 500PS not HP... which makes the 458 still the winner, but not with 125hp/l
  21. The s2000 made 125PS*/L (123.5HP/l) and only in the Japanese market.
    So still less than this (but really im just splitting hairs now, all of these are impressive; none more so than the Honda that was doing this 12 years ago)

    And yes people can scoff all they want at using HP/L as a benchmark, but doesnt diminish the fact that this car has the greatest specific power of any naturally aspirated road going engine. It really is about as close to a race car as they could have made it.
  22. lol PS =/= HP

    stop being such an awful fanboy.
  23. Just use kW FAGGOTS

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