More power for the GT3 RS

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  1. yea but in actuality, I think news outlets are incorrectly quoting the new beetle as having 500hp... when I think in fact its 500ps... so hes still technically right that the 458 has a better hp/l
  3. But it's 425 kW (The 458) ...?

    Anyway let's agree that the two cars have similar, very high specific power outputs and that 125 hp/l is awesome, but there there is nothing new about it.

  4. *420kW
  5. They are awesome, they can pull that off
  6. The road legal car with more hp/l i can remember right now, correct me if i'm wrong, was the f50 gt.
    i think it had around 700hp from the 4.7 V8
  7. Why doe we care which car has better stats? Should we not care about the looks, the way we respond to each one, and how fast they ACTUALLY are?

    Sorry, forgot this was SCnet for a minute there.

    YEAH HP/L is best measiure eva, #$%# heavy pos carz.
  8. My car has 600hp and is only 2 L.

    300hp/l road legal and full interior. AC and 3 memphis 15s, thanks to Raul

    runs 9s
  9. From a naturally aspirated engine? that is indeed awesome!
  10. Oh no 2x turboes
    the For d MK. 1 escort has a cosworth tuned engin that is 119 cui and just ova 400hp at 12,000 rpm
    car is also street registerd but diffcult to drive espscially when moist
  11. STFU haters. - RLQ
  12. This car is so #$%#ing awesome my balls exploded a little.
  13. Oh, and HP/L is the stupidest measure in cars.
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    LeBlanc Caroline - - 256hp/litre

    the Mitsubishi Evo VIII FQ-400 had a better hp/litre than the F50GT too, with 200hp/litre
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    Pretty sure he meant N/A, but whatevsssss.
  16. Yes I meant N/A, but it doesnt matter. It was just a stupid attempt to make a not stupid first post.

    I like this car by the way, though I'd probably f**ck it up immediatelly if I tried to drive one
  17. I'm fairly certain the F50 GT was NOT street legal
  18. I wish it had RSR bodywork as well. It's SO aggressive!
  19. Yes I think you are right, my mistake.
    Also it was a V12 not a V8 :S
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    The F50 GT was not road legal, it didn't even have a racing homologation. It had a 4,7 litre V12 producing 650hp (700hp in current ECU).

    And WTF are we talking about supercharged & turbocharged cars? The point was about N/A engines...
  21. These are the type of threads that Spyder use to post in.
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  23. Where is PB, he lives for this shit.
  25. I think for Porsche, the hp/L is important. They said some time back that they were near the reliable limit of displacement for the flat-6 dimensions, and this 4.0 could be it.
    Wouldn't write off what Porsche have done as merely "nothing new," either. The 458 has the advantage of 2 extra cyclinders and likely less reciprocating mass (per cylinder) as a benefit of this. 562cc/cyl vs the Porsche's 666cc/cyl. The Porsche has nearly the same stroke, but a considerably larger bore. Meaning, like for like, probably a heavier piston, though this is offset somewhat by titanium con rods. To its credit, Ferrari still uses steel. Basically, if the 458's hp/L is amazing or noteworthy, then so is the Porsche's.

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