More wrong information.

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  1. 1) Mustang SVOs were made between 1984 and 1986.

    2) Mustang SVOs came with 205hp and 240lbs of torque in their best year.

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    Re: More wrong information.

    Actually they aren't really, technically wrong on the 1983 part, because they were made in 1983, but they weren't sold until 1984.
    And if you don't believe me than go to and read the part on THE MUSTANG SVO and it says they started production in 1983 but didn't sell untill 1984, but yes on the second part you are right it did have 205 hp, but not untill 1985 1/2-1986.<!-- Signature -->
  3. The 1985.5 had 205 hp and 248lbs torque. The 86 had 200 hp and 240lbs torque. These are the factory claims, the 86 is often thought to be much the same as the 85.5 but with less claimed hp to satisfy insurance agencies. It's also important to note that many an SVO owner with a completly stock SVO runs these numbers at the rear wheels. I can't say this from personal expirience as I'm too cheap to have a dyno session, but I'm sure it'd be much the same, and with a little dyno tuning I'm sure these numbers could be exceeded at the rear wheels.

    Civic is right about 83 SVOs. Sold as 84 model year cars, the only difference was slapper bars in the rear to prevent wheel hop later being replaced by quad-shocks for the normal 84 production, and Goodyear NCT tires to be replaced by goodyear eagle gatorbacks.
  4. I'm pretty sure the 205hp versions are very rare. Most SVOs have something like 140-170hp. That's just what I've heard.

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