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Discussion in '1927 Morgan Super Sports' started by michaelmanGT, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Engine too good to be true

    1 liter and 45 hp 70 years ago, most impressive. Is there something I should know about the twin-vee set up which accounts for this?
    Looks like a great one for the twisties, but I wonder about the actual characteristics of a 3 wheel, tricycles can be mighty tricky in fast corners. Still crazy cool.
  2. Re: Engine too good to be true

    actualy this was probably a 2 stroke , or at least a twin.
    if it is 1 cyl it is really remarkable<!-- Signature -->
  3. Re: Engine too good to be true

    It is actually a bike-motor (they still hav mure bhp/l)<!-- Signature -->
  4. Re: Engine too good to be true

    even better is the 2 speed manual transmission! <!-- Signature -->
  5. I actually saw one of these the other day

    I had no idea what the hell it was, it looked like something that had been cobbled up in someone's garage. It was on the street too, in regular traffic. Quite a sight!<!-- Signature -->
  6. Re: I actually saw one of these the other day

    ok u shure it wasnt a trikey bike in the street?<!-- Signature -->
  7. Re: I actually saw one of these the other day

    i know a guy that has one of these... he's in the process of restoring it but i hope to ride in it sometime (if he wont let me drive it)
  8. Re: I actually saw one of these the other day

    this thing doesn't even have wheels in the back...?
  9. Re: I actually saw one of these the other day

    yes. it just drages on the ground at the back... think about it smart guy :D
  10. Re: I actually saw one of these the other day

    In holland (ASSEN) they race these things every year (some use methanol instead of regular fuel)<!-- Signature -->
  11. it seems a ancient Grinall

    know you the Grinall???
    a car of 3 whells (no, dont be a tricycle)
    this seems a anciente Grinall. do you agree??<!-- Signature -->
  12. Re: it seems a ancient Grinall

    ..................<!-- Signature -->
  13. Re: it seems a ancient Grinall

    Wha...?<!-- Signature -->
  14. Which is the best 3 wheeled car (2 at front 1 at back)
    I would like to say the Ronnoco but beings it hasnt been built you cant exactly race it, lol
    (I'm attatching the Manta to this message)<!-- Signature -->
  15. Re: Morgan Super Sports .V. Ronnoco Manta

    ooohhhh...... so thats what your avatar thing was...
    tis not bad, but it sure wouldnt have been around in 1933!

    <IMG SRC=""> wouldnt be a fair competition<!-- Signature -->
  16. fun as hell.

    This thing would kick ass for rippin' around. I'd call it more of a bike than a car. (I guess that would be trike.) Still, I'd like to build a little street legal rig like this. 45 horse was pretty respectable back then, then cosider the 895 lbs, it would perform well. a blast.<!-- Signature -->
  17. Re: fun as hell.

    I can only agree with you !

    dangerous , but so fun.
  18. Re: fun as hell.

    Yes it is.
  19. Re: fun as hell.

    when was morgan founded? they've been around for quite some time now.<!-- Signature -->
  20. Re: fun as hell.

    Campagna T-Rex (in database) ; a real beast.<!-- Signature -->
  21. Re: fun as hell.

    One word: Gangsta
    This would be the equivalent of those goofy ass lotus 'trikes' in the Cash Money rap videos, these would be a frickin blast to drive around town.<!-- Signature -->
  22. Re: fun as hell.

    damn dude, three-wheelers are such an interesting concept, i love these styled cars!

    imagine dragging in one of these suckers... one obscenely huge rear tire! ;-) killer

    only downside i'd see would be some sort of instability, especially in a bumpy sort of track (kind of the reason 3-wheeled ATVs arent really around much anymore)

    beautiful car, as always =D<!-- Signature -->
  23. Re: fun as hell.

    This would be the best, gobs of fun and legal speeds, oh I love it so!<!-- Signature -->
  24. Re: fun as hell.

    looks like it would be fun to putt around in one of these. they look

    like a large classic three wheeled power wheels with a faster and

    stronger engine stuck inside it. dangerous, but fun.
  25. Re: fun as hell.

    wudnt mind bustin my ass in one<!-- Signature -->

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