Mosler MT900 vs Ferrari Enzo

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    If the twin turbo model ever sees production...
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    only a pure idiot would compare this shitty upgraded vette to a ferrari and espeically an enzo a boxter s could prolly take this
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    Obvioiusly you don't know much about the MT900...its not an upgraded vette.
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    A boxter?! This car is much faster than even a GT2.
    Mosler MT900 vs Ferrari Enzo

    I would go for the Ferrai Enzo because the Mosler looks more like an older Ferrari. Also power wise, the Enzo is way more powerful then the MT900.;)
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    I didn't anyone was so stupid enough to compare this second-rate car to the Enzo...
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    Second rate? It's not as far off the enzo as you might think...
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    Why don't all of the idiots on this website pick up an issue of the latest motortrend(June 2003). It compares some of the fasted cars on the road. One of the cars they compare is the Mosler MT900 Photon, another is the Lamborghini Murcielago, Dodge Viper, Ferrari Maranello... etc. and many others. They didn't get a Saleen or an Enzo because the Saleen was being used in a movie and the Enzo was unavailable for some other reason but just look at the stats. They tell all. The Photon ran the 600 ft slalom at an average speed of OVER 74 mph. Still a bad comparison? Read on... 0-60 in 3.2 if I remember correctly and massive stopping power. The top speed was around 170 mph. Yes that is the true top speed, limited by downforce but top speed isn't going to win the race for the Enzo on a track. This car broke almost every record that was held by other cars for the MotorTrend editors and if you know anything, you know that they are some of the best testers. They squeeze out the best in all cars. The Lamborghini didn't beat the Mosler in anything but top speed which in never reached because the track was too short. Don't believe me? Go get the magazine. It's worth the $'s. The Photon will definately be competition for the Enzo.
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    Ok, the Mosler can probably compete with the Enzo on the drag strip because it weighs so little (1980 lbs.!). But on the track, as with most other cars, the Enzo is way ahead. Sports Car International tested the Mosler (the Photon version) and said "it does not responde well to delicate inputs" and he complained that the V8 engine sounds like a *****: "The worst feature of this particular MT900 was noise." But he admired that it was so frickin fast. So granted, the Mosler is fast, but it's not nearly the driver's track car that the Enzo is. The Enzo would surely run laps around this at the track, with more power and better handling.
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    In case you haven't noticed, less weight helps just as much around a track as on a drag strip.

    When they complained about the noise, it was most likely the Hewland gearbox, and not the engine. Other writers have compared the sound to that of a pissed off Corvette. If they don't like the sound of a V8, so be it, not everyone shares their opinion.

    The Mosler accelerates as fast, brakes faster (despite a lack of ABS) and will corner just as fast if not faster (1.14g good enough for you?). So where does the Enzo start lapping the Mosler?
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    why is everyone so biased here. granted ferrari has a whole lot more prestige than mosler because mosler has only been around for about 2 years. so tell me now for only having been around for 2 years arent they doing pretty good. I love ferraris but you cant just jump into a forum and start bashing a car because its american made. I also think that european cars are the best in the world (overall) but this mosler is very nice. not hust in looks but in performance. you cant deny that and if you do then you dont need to be on this site. you need to respect the cars. any car that can do what this car does is a supercar. and yes it can handle so dont bring up all that crap. all the euro and jap ppl say that american cars cant handle. for the most part they cant but when america makes a supercar it can handle. it may not look as good or have as luxurious an interior but that wont make you go faster. that is also why they are so much cheaper than the imports. but dont get me wrong the nicer interior is defineatly something that people look for and it is appealing but this site is not called thats all i have to say. later
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    man i think the enzo would kick the shit outta this car, but wtf does number of cylinders have to do with it? a F1 engine has a v10 and makes 900hp. a twin turbo merc V12 makes 400ish kW, with two extra cylinders(which is ur opinion obviosuly convey a performance advantage), 3 extra litres, and two extra turbo's. now seems to me that there is more to this power thing than cylinder numbers. or how about that the t440r engine makes 330kW from 6 cylinders where as some gen 3's only make 225kW from 8? or that the s2000 engine makes 176kW form 4 and an audi V6 maxes out at 170kW. i would think before i post next time.
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    FYI, Mosler has been building cars since 1985. Starting with the Consulier GTP, which evolved into the Intruder, and then into the Raptor. They also built the Twinstar Cadillac (twin engine caddy), dabbled in electric delivery vans, and is now focused on the MT900's.

    The Mosler racing pedigree is not bad either, the Consuliers were banned from various racing series by rule changes, because other cars couldn't compete. Brock Yates has banned them from the One Lap of America, after Mosler won it 3 out of 4 years. The MT900R's running in the British GT series have been kicking butt, an MT900R won the GTS class at this years 24 Hours of Daytona, and are leading the manufactures championship in Grand Am. Mosler might not be Ferrari, but they do pretty good for a small company.

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    I understand the Mosler has carbon fibre panels/chassis etc but so does the Ferrari Enzo, presumably the Enzo (at its price) uses the strongest, lightest materials everywhere throughout, and it certainly doesn't have a stereo, air con etc - so, how does the Mosler weigh so much less than an Enzo?

    I suppose the Mosler engine, having 4 less cylinders, would be lighter, but would that make nearly 300 kg (600lbs) difference? I can't see Mosler having any better technology in materials than the world's No 1 Formula 1 company, especially when their product costs about a quarter of Ferrari's, so, where is the weight difference?

    I wonder if the Mosler has the torsional rigidity of the Enzo, or the longevity and crash protection? Probably not. It would be good to find out how much the two engines weigh to work out where the difference lies.
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    I checked out and while there's some lush cars there (I liked the Brabus Mercedes business limosine and the RR Park Ward Personal Commision) as you point out, the Mosler MT900 and the Ferrari Enzo were both absent.

    Thanks for the tip though, great website!
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    I checked out and while there's some lush cars there (I liked the Brabus Mercedes Business Limosine and the Rolls Royce Park Ward Personal Commision) as you point out, the Mosler MT900 and the Ferrari Enzo were both absent.

    Thanks for the tip though, great website!
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    The Mosler MT900S is undergoing crash testing right now. So far it has passed the side, and rear impact tests, and only has the front impact test left. The test lab has been very impressed with the car so far.

    Why is the Mosler so light? Its a very efficient design, the main 'tub' weighs only 90lbs, and in 'Photon' trim, there are titanium springs, and other lighter weight components to bring it under 2000lbs. The best part though...there are a couple more places they can shave a few more pounds <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    The Mosler MT9000R was tested by Motortrend April.And it is American.
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    A Callaway Corvette could beat this anyday.
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    these numbers are off for this car. The MT900s Photon is 1924 lbs, runs a 0-60 time of 3.2 secs, runs the 1/4 in 11.5 secs, and tops out at 200 mph even. This thing has 435 hp too. The skidpad has been known to get as high as 1.09 g. This thing will run circles around an enzo, and it has better brakes. If you really get power crazy, ship it to lingenfelter, then see who can touch you (its a corvette LS6). This car will run you $159,000-199,000 USD, and it will kick around an enzo and a saleen S7, or ne thing out of europe around a track.
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    It is a unique chassis moron.
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    Look, the Enzo has a lot more grunt. that means that coming off a sweeper at about 70 mph, the Enzo will out acclerate the Mosler, and thats the best place ona track to make a pass. They both handle remarkably well. the both stop like no other. The Mosler has the advantage being about 700 lbs lighter, and the Enzo ha more formidible breaks to make up for that. The Enzo would win in most tracks where there is a lot of high speed cornering. But this is not a POS by any stretch. Its one of the most track focuses, no comprimise cars out there. Give it more power, and it will keep up with an Enzo.

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    Mosler MT900 vs Ferrari Enzo

    Now this is a real sports car. I would easily take this over the Enzo anyday...1) Its cheaper, better looking, and it is truly American in every aspect... 2) Its a purists racecar, no BS SMG transmissions, traction control, or ABS here...3) Not many people know what it is...Could easily show up a GT2 or 360 without even trying.

    The point Im trying to make is that this car is cheap, effective, and fast. Not only has it matched the Enzo's performance in almost every test (except top-speed) but it has also opened new doors for the American supercar. However, I dont think we will see many Enzos and MT900S racing out on the streets...The only thing were going to see this go against are car alike the Mercilago R-GT and Ferrari 575M Race car...Here in the states it would be compared to cars more like the Saleen S7 and Ford GT...And rightfully so, a Chevy-Powered car deserves to be on top...
  25. Re: Mosler MT900 vs Ferrari Enzo to cite your source for those numbers? AND remember....MT900R may be different, because the R designation may mean a race version, so a comparison with the Enzo would be are those numbers for the R?

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