Mosler MT900 vs Ferrari Enzo

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    seeing that you have so much contact with the car, would you mind taking a few pic requests when the car completes its preparation for the C&D event? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    I've been meaning to take my camera in, just been busy with some family health issues lately. Hopefully this coming week I can get some pix of the new brakes, and the supercharger since both are installed.

    What would you like to see?....wait a minute...who do you work for? hehehe...looking for spy photos? hehe..
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    the supercharger and brakes sound great.

    but i dnt know if the car is prepared enough for you to fulfill my request. what i want to see is the interior of the car, in third person from outside the cockpit and drivers view of the display and transmission selection.
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    Interior is apart right now. New carbon seats are being fitted, and some new wiring etc., installed.
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    What kind of tires are those?
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    Havent the people in this forum explained about the top speed numerous amount of times? Not even the 0-60 time is right.

    Stop making such stupid posts.
  8. The third world's fastest car? I doubt it. You should see the shit they're building in Ethiopia.
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    If you guys want to see some results of it racing, here you go....

    It's best result was a 3rd, normally beaten by Ferrari 360's and GT3 Porsche's

    I'm not saying it's a bad car, just not the 'will dump over everything else' car some have said on here.

    As for Enzo, it's a supercar for the ROAD, the Mosler was designed as a race car first!
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    You should take a look at the 2003 results in British GT, when the Mosler's placed 1st and 2nd in the championship. In 2004 they restricted the car.

    Check out the Spanish GT series too, the Balfe Motorsports MT900R is close to winning that championship too.

    Their aren't many cars that a Mosler MT900 can't hang with, plus the car is easier to maintain than most exotics.
  11. Balfe Motorsports wins the 2004 Spanish GT Championship in their Mosler MT900R.
  12. The Ferrari Enzo isn't the fastest car in the world, but its certainly faster than the MT900. Not only does it have over 200 HP more than the MT900, but its heavier, which makes it more stable at higher speeds. They may be dead even up to the quarter mile, but after 150 MPH I have no doubt the Enzo would begin to pull away easily.
  13. ...Never mind the quote there I was trying to press reply.
  14. First off, the importance of weight has less of influence at high speed. Aerodynamic stability means much more in keeping the rubber side down at high speeds.

    Also, show me a race track where the Enzo can reach 150+mph. Are you talking about a NASCAR-ish oval race where inferior handling of the Enzo doesn't matter? If there is a road course that will support street cars going 150mph, the Mosler will certainly out-brake and out-handle the Enzo on the corners.

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