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    F40 marked the beginning of the modern supercar era. These are among the most impressive looking vehicles built after 1987.

    Vote for the most beautiful among these. There are 18 vehicles in this comparison and none of them are fat/overweight. The winner of this poll moves to the second poll.

    Porsche GT1 I mean this version:
  2. none of these cars are beautiful imo. they are badass however. the f40 being my favourite.
  3. This, minus 39.
  4. F40

    The others are only beautiful from a functional point of view, or a technical one in the case of the 650
  5. GT1 with the Dauer and Speed 12 as close seconds.
  6. none are particularly "beautiful" but if I was choosing, the 962 would get it. I find the long flowing lines of old aero cars to be absolutely gorgeous.
  8. As much as I want to vote for the F1, it has to be the F40.
  9. Even though the F40 is still nothing beside that McLaren F1LM <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  10. wait, this is winning?
  12. Dauer with the F40 a close second.
  15. The Speed 12 isn't so much beautiful as it is breathtakingly aggressive.
  16. I don't think any of them are actually beautiful, but they're all very, very good looking cars.
  18. nailed it
  19. the McLaren, but only just over the F40 but a country mile over the rest
  20. I am voting for the Viper GTS, with the Challenge Stradale at a close second. These are truly beautiful cars, and not surprisingly both look great in solid red.

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