Most beautiful among these (pre oil crisis)

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by F50Fanatic, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. To most people, the coolest looking vehicles are still the ones built before the 70's

    Choose the best looking vehicle in this group.
  2. gullwing by far, followed by the maserati.
  3. 550 or miura. Really hard pick.

    Voted 550, simply because the miura will get plenty of votes.
  4. 33 Stradale, the XJ13 is a close second though.
  5. Way to pick the wrong Vette.
  6. The Alfa, Lambo, Maser, Typ57 and SL are the only 4 cars I actually find pretty out of all these.

    Went with the elegance of the gullwing.

    edit: haha, I can't even count to 5
  7. 33 Stradale > XJ13 > Miura > rest
  8. shoulda voted xj13. totally forgot how great that car looks.
  9. I forgot to mention that I find the GTO really overrated in the looks department. Lots of Ferrari enthusiasts seem to think it's the best looking Ferrari but there's load of better looking ones.
  10. Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale
    Maserati A6GCS

    Jaguar E-Type

    Mercedes 300-SL

    Corvette Stingray L88

    Porsche 550 RS Spyder

    and then THE REST
  11. #1 300sl
    #2 miura
    #3 xj13
    #4 550rs
    #5 bugatti
    #6 alfa romeo
    #7 maserati
    #8 GTO
    #9 E type
    #10 corvette
  12. maserati looks so awesome
  13. thanks bro
  15. 33 Tipo Stradale
  16. Either of the Jags, really. The 300SL is a great car, and rather handsome, but not drop-dead gorgeous.
  17. I still pick that over all the other cars.
  20. I just noticed this poll needs the Maserati Bora.
  21. yes, there's one in my city. i see it sometimes. it's so gorgeous. sounds great too.
  22. in profile, nothing approaches the simple, elegant lines and beauty of the Miura...

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