Most beautiful car ever?

Discussion in '2000 Ferrari Rossa' started by YIMMY, Aug 9, 2002.

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    I fell in love with this baby the first time I saw it. I only have 2 complaints, and thats if Im being really picky.

    The first is that whole metallic engine thing poking through the top of the hood, it has to go.

    The second is all those little things that would be worked out through the evolution to production if this ever came out in the "extreme" interior (and judging from recent ferraris, sequential shifting would be in order too).

    The sheet metal is pure genius.

    Can anyone think of a more beautiful car, or have more pictures of this one?

    (some nice ones at the bottom)
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    yeah i can the Lamborghini Calla.
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    this car sucks it looks like a spaceship.......
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    i think this is the most AMAZING car ever built in the history of ferrari

    the idea of the engine sticking out of the top is an excellent idea so it would cool down easier!

    But The price...............Ouch!
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    It's pretty, but I don't think it's the best. With the exception of the McLaren F1, Ferrari makes the most beautiful of all exotic cars.
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    well, I honestly think the Ferrari 550 Barchetta is the best looking car of all time. After that I'd go with the F50. Then the F1 LM.

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