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  1. I'm a little confused...

    You say you're Christian...but you are pointing out Jay's flaws a Christian when you know as a Christian being gay is very well looked down upon.

    Now I'm not at all saying that you're not allowed to be gay...but God's intentions for us aren't for a man and man to be together.

    And please don't take offense to this...I have an uncle who is gay and is dying of I'm more open minded than you think...I'm just opening up an "Icebreaker" if you will.
  2. Just because they aren't perfect Christians doesn't mean they don't believe Christ died for their sins, and thus doesn't make them "not Christian".

    You crossed the line with that comment. WHo are you to tell who is and who isn't a Christian, simply by judging their actions?
  3. You're it I quit, shut up. Try spending some of that energy on not liking dudes instead of being holy and blasting others. Jays a big boy, let him breaaaaaaaaaaaaaaathe.
  4. bullcrap.

    as far as im concerned it's the same thing as seeing a cute girl on campus and glancing at her for a moment. it's entirely different from ogling over the photo, getting turned on, and pondering whipping it out and going to town.

    there's nothing wrong with the former. if there was, any of us with wholesome relationships with gf's or wives would have started out as a lustful escapade, which is in many cases BS. me and jay talked about this situation, and he clearly did not react in a lustful way to the photos.
  5. By the way, I sent you a PM
  6. Chrissy Moran, go to any decent porn site and you're bound to find pictures that are bateworthy.
  7. By the way, all this bullshit totally #$%#ed my topic.
  8. I don't mean to judge but actions speak louder than words. If someone says they're a Christian but openly displays lust and doesn't really see a problem well....
    questions should be asked. You understand this Jay, if you are a Christian, if anyone is, they are to endevour to live as one. To not makes me (and any Christian) wonder just what's going on.
    I have said it before and I'll say it again, I am not perfect, I have NEVER claimed to be. But as you well know Jay, it is part of my role as a Christian brother of yours to call you to account just as it is your role to call me into account also.
    Lust is a serious problem that you don't seem to think is serious so I'm calling you on it as an imperfect Christian brother as God calls me to do. I'm not trying to judge, only God may do that. But your pattern of behaviour in regards to women is not beyond reproach which is what it is meant to be and as such, what you are called (by God) to aim for.
  9. Totally.
  10. I sent you a PM boss.
  11. dude email him or something....its getting old and i personally think it is quite rude to talk about his life in front of the rest of us.
  12. Nope <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> hook it up PM style bro, I lost all my numbers when I got back home.
  13. He looked at pictures of a girl. How are you ever supposed to notice a girl that you wish to marry and have a wholesome relationship with if you forbid yourself from looking? There has to be an normal attraction of sexual nature between two people before any wholesome relationship can start. Being sexually attracted to a girl is not a sin, but wanting/wishing to act on those feelings is lust.
  14. Stop ruining this thread. Can we start lusting over hot chicks again?
  15. being sexually attracted to a girl is a biological knee-jerk reaction, therefore not sinful, and important in social and relationship health/growth. good for you to point this out.

    and you made a good distinction between simple sexual attraction, and turning that into true lust.
  16. I'll slip it in most of those girls.
  17. Stop being bible #%$s. There's NOTHING wrong with lust. Lust (either over a woman or an object or whatever) is probably my favourite feeling: fantacy, anticipation, and pursuit is often/usually better than the actual thing.
  18. if you dont understand the context of what everyone else is talking about concerning lust, i suggest you shut up and continue fingering your ass.
  19. Explain it to me then.
  20. Of course there's nothing wrong with lust ... from a non-biblical standpoint. That's not at all what we're talking about.
  21. from a christian standpoint, what LJFS previously said is true: sexual attraction is fine [and natural, and healthy], but lust is what one must be careful of. you think it's great cuz it feels good. well no shit, but christians value other things more than carnal pleasures. sexual arousal is perfectly fine in a safe environment (for christians that would be a married setting, and that may obviously be different for you or anyone else, which is fine), but the idea is that unchecked lustfulness (which can vary depending on one's feelings about it) can lead to poor self-control, unhealthy thoughts and behavior, and ultimately bad decisionmaking.

    im sparing you from the spiritual standpoint of it all, since i dont feel compelled to point any of it out.
  22. Thought crime?!?! Christianity is more f*cked then I thought...
  23. To ruin this thread...
  24. lust (noun)
    a. An overwhelming desire or craving
    b. Intense eagerness or enthusiasm

    attraction (noun)

    a. the quality of arousing interest
  25. in religions, God can hear your thoughts... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

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