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Discussion in '1962 Morris Mini Cooper S' started by aston, Aug 9, 2002.

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    yer, bloody nice car
  3. you cant deny the greatness<!-- Signature -->
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    Nice sig, pull yourself away from the Playstation for a while, though. Those cars don't actually exist.
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    nice one sickboy9!
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    OH! Its got 40hp!!! DAMN FAST!!!!! What's 115hp? LIGHT SPEED!!!!

    Damn u r a retard this is the worst car ever made on the face of the earth. I once had a '68 RHD Mini Cooper imported from Britiain and it was my worst car EVER. It was always leaking oil, was f***king slow, had all kinds of reliability probs, etc, etc.
  7. yea have real issues

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