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Discussion in '1966 Ferrari 330 P3' started by Oliver Peck, Aug 10, 2002.

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    One of the most expensive, definately. The neat thing about classic Ferraris is that one can't really put a price tag on them. Sure, every model has its own price range to an extent, but really a classic Ferrari is worth whatever you can get for it. About three years back, I think, an early '60s Ferrari 250 GTO auctioned off at a stagering $14,000,000. That was the most ever paid for a car. 250 GTOs usually trade hands at $1 million to $2 million, however, some just stand out in the crowd. My 250GT swb Spyder has only gone up in value since I bought it. That's another wonderful thing about Ferrari classics is that it is hard to loose money on them. <!-- Signature -->
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    You have a 250 GTO SWB Califronia Spider? Like "In Ferris Beuller's day off"? Damn. You are one lucky individual.
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    I don't remember the car in that movie, but I do have a 250 GT swb. It's Rossa red with a black soft top & toneau cover and it has the covered headlights. It's got tan leather interior & chrome knock-off whire wheels. I'll take some digital photos and post 'em for you. I've got some pics of a couple of my other cars in a different forum, one of the F50 ones I think.<!-- Signature -->
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    I remember when I was at the 2000 Christie's Auction at Pebble Beach, there was a Ferrari 330 P3 which auctioned off for 6 million. What an amazing piece of history to own. If you are a fan of classic cars then you have to make a trip to California in August and go to the Concorso Italiano, The Pebble Beach Concourse de' Elegance, and The Monterey Historic Car Races. There are some truly amazing cars here with such history behind them. Everything from Ferrari 250 GTO's, 166 MM to the Saleen S7. One year they even had the one and only Jaguar XJ-13. These are amazing events and I encourage you to go. I always see Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfield, and Ralph Lauren there. You will have the time of your life<!-- Signature -->
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    Pebble Beach is an amazing place. No where in the world is there so many wonderful, classic, historic, valuable cars in one place. The historic races are very thrilling.<!-- Signature -->
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    Gah This has been my favoright ferrari since i was a little kid It and the Thomassia are my 2 fav cars of all time and i cant even afford a 308 lol.. I didnt relieze il now how much it was worth i do have expinsive taste lol
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    I think the Ferrari in Ferris Bueller's day off is a LWB. It's a superb film in a slightly kitsch 80s way but the Ferrari is a beutiful thing.

    Mr Peck seems to be the only person on this site who actually knows what he is talking about- but I guess he's one of the few of us who can speak from personal experience...

    Don't you think the Pebble Beach cars are over restored posing pouches though? The racing is a better idea.
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    CanAm version of thise car cost about 5 000 000$
    Great ferrari. <!-- Signature -->
  9. I read in Cavalino that these baby's were the highest priced ferraris around. I gotta have 1.<!-- Signature -->
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    damn that's a nice car. How fast does it go?

    cheers, TR<!-- Signature -->
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    With that power and weight..... at least 300kph?
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    umm, you are the worst speller I have ever seen besides "I AM RICH". I would like to let you know that there are other cars that could "KICK A FERRARIS EXAUST PIPE". But Ferrari's are some of the most beautiful cars in the world, I will agree with you on that.
  13. View from the passenger seat on the freeway - not going very fast.


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