most memorable thing youve done when drunk?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by oramac2, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. i usually dont remember anything when im drunk.
  2. stop making threads
  3. oh hey more trolling
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  5. Make drunk threads on
  6. pee in a friend's water bottle then placed it back on his bike.
    he drank some before going wtf
  7. Ruining this site.
  8. whatever it is i probably dont remember it
  10. Awesome firecracker wars. I know that's boring to some of you guys but they're illegal here.
  11. I dunno, one time a bouncer let me check ID's for a while. I hassled people.
  12. boned a fat chick

    EDIT: or a few
  13. One time you posted a story about running away from police helicopters. I think that would be memorable.
  14. One time, I drank so much beer that I had to piss like right away. God, that piss felt soo good, I swear I can still remember that feeling every time I take a piss in the morning.

    Good times!

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