most memorable thing youve done when drunk?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by oramac2, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. I wasn't drunk.
  2. boys
  3. haha, I remember that

    someone has to have it bookmarked
  5. I'm drunk right now and I remember it. Right now this is my most memorable experience.
  6. srsly, someone poast it
  7. ate a flower
  8. an octopus
  9. kissed a bloke

    OH SHI-
  10. watched theHonk smash someones lawn lights with a address pole
  11. wrong account friend
  12. no honk is good friends with reginald
  13. what account should i be on?
  14. no me and hokn are good friends
  15. there was another one from steven where he was 50 cent or something
  17. 754 that shit
  18. You don't remember it, it was on his old screen name. Probably before you were even born.
  19. lih
  21. Unless someone else made a parody thread that was strikingly similar, I remember it. Lurkin since oh foh
  22. It happened in 2002 if that helps. Let me get the equipment to upload the 8mm video to my computer and I'll post some screen caps for you distrustful bastards.
  23. Skydiving

    Weather went shit (mostly cloudy) and we spent three hours in a hanger #$%#ing off with regular divers before going to a nearby bar for a few pints. Went back to officially cancel the jump, and they said they were going to proceed anyway.
  24. kept on drinking
  25. throwing up at the base of a stripper pole inside the mayor's house at a birthday party for the mayor's son then, getting tossed out and having my life threatened twice by the mayor's son, then passing out in the rainy drive way and the flower bed of the mansion for like, 45 mins and crying a little bit and thinking i was gonna die.

    evidence follows.

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