most over-rated car ever?

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by ajzahn, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. The Boxster was a great money spinner for Porsche.

    Its not overrated, its just a run of the mill convertable. People that drive them tend to be wannabe's / cocks.
  2. Keep trying...
  3. Boxster is such a shit money grab for Porsche, i'll take an S2000 over that any day
  4. I'd rather have the Boxster between these 2

    But would prefer a Z4 over both, because on public roads I have a rather cruising nature.
  5. Yeah being a BMW fanboy id rather have that too to tell you the truth aha
  6. Ferrari 250 GTO
  7. while they are usually driven by assholes, they are also awesome cars.

    I always thought they were way underrated cars because everyone just thinks of them as rich prick cars and not awesome performers.
  8. This was supposed to be making fun of those who are insulting the Boxster while not being able to spell it's name correctly.
  9. That's a pretty bad list but I voted GT-R because it looks crapanese
  10. I.M.O the most overrated cars EVER were the 426 Hemi cars of the late 1960s'. People complain too often about their lack of traction. Even with the advantage of modern-day wheels/tires, they are only low-mid 13sec cars. All I ever hear from older car enthusiasts are stories about how bone-stock Hemi-cars could break into the elevens on slicks.

    The most overrated modern-day.................

    1.Acura NSX
    2.Ford Mustang GT500
    3.Mitsubishi 3000GT/ Dodge Stealth
    4.Ferrari Enzo
    5.Honda S2000
  11. NSX is epic.
  12. I remember all the accolades heaped on the NSX when it first came out, but I also remember seeing an aqua 5.0L Mustang (with only bolt-on mods) blow the doors off one. All that fuss about being a Ferrari-slayer, only to be humiliated by the car down the street. The NSX will always be remembered as a "handling revelation". All I think about, is the guy rolling his window up at the next light.
  13. nobody has ever heard of 426 hemi car so it can't be overrated.
  14. Worst poll ever.
  15. WRX mid 14 second car at best with an awful transmission
  16. I've personally done 14.1 but that transmission was fried at 75,000 miles.
  17. GTR
    Mclaren F1 over rated? Whoever said that must be drunk.
  18. under-rated*
  19. hard to admit that its faster than a turbo?
  20. No one here gives a shit about 1/4 mile times (except Hetzen, but he's not retarded like you). I suggest you find another forum, or go back to the indies.
  21. What, the GTR? To be frank, I really don't give a shit. It's uglier and has 1/10 of the Turbo's quality. So what if it's faster?
  22. what are the qualities the turbo has ten times over the GTR? please explain, i want to know, it has more "personality"? or maybe a more "powerful spirit"?
  23. haha
  24. How?

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