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  1. I'm taking powerful as "emotionally powerful". To me, vocals are typically like 80% emotion and 20% technical quality. People like Christina Aguilera may have a technically good voice, but it sounds "cold" to me. I'm sure part of it is the type of music and the fact that many times they don't even write their own music. They might be singing their ass off, but it still sounds insincere to me. The opposite of this, IMO, is someone like Jeff Mangum of Netural Milk Hotel. You'd never say he has a technically good voice, but he's a phenomenal vocalist. An example of someone that has it both, to me, would be someone like Thom Yorke or Bjork.

    EDIT: And as far as good vocals go, again, IMO, often less is more. Belting something out at the top of your lungs doesn't automatically make it more powerful. Also, voices like Whitney Houston's or Freddy Mercury's bore me... I'll take interesting over "good" any day.
  2. Well I have to agree with you there. The greatest songs I have ever heard don't necessarily have the greatest vocalist. It is all in how they project their emotions into the song.
  3. I actually came in here thinking Bjork but I'm not so sure anymore because you're never right about anything.
  4. I put chris cornell on there because I was talking physically powerful, not emotionally.
  5. and because this is a vocal thread I gotta throw fiona apple out there.
  6. if you threw fiona apple out there, im not sure whether she'd spike like a lawn dart or blow away in the wind.
  7. lol. while shes an awesome musician, man shes crazy as shit. She scares me.
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    also: This dude john campbell has a srsly mega voice.
  9. Chesty Puller
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    Reminds me of Tom Waits. Though, I think I like Waits more.
  11. man prolly mikael akerfeldt lol
  12. Who the #$%# doesn't know who Chris Cornell is?
  13. Ray Charles
  14. Cyndi Lauper
  15. Roy Orbison

    Can't believe no one has #$%#ing said this yet.
  16. Some opera dude/chick obviously.
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    John Farnham - You're The Voice

    Tom Petty - Refugee

    Jimmy Barnes - Working Class Man

    Mariah Carey - Emotions
  18. its a tom waits song, but john campbell does it way better. Waits just sounds like a lunatic. This dude sings the blues.
  19. lol
  20. Not a fan of Chris Cornell's singing.
    On topic though, I'll throw Shirley Manson from Garbage, Alison Krauss, Freddy Mercury and Isaac Hayes out there. Trent Reznor was pretty freaking good too when his voice was lubricated with liquor (his own words) - ie. The Downward Spiral, Broken.
  21. Ian Gillan at his peak, Ronnie James Dio.
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    Johnny Messner at 50 seconds..

    although he is an actor
  23. darth vader aka dude from coming to america aka simbas dad

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