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  1. a friend of mine who actually knows a fair bit about cars (which is why i'm not considering this BS straight away) reckons he read somewhere that in time for the 2005 Sydney Motor Show, Holden (or even HSV maybe?) is getting ready a new version of the old 1969 Hurricane concept car, or a concept that will be built based on the the same intentions Holden had for building the Hurricane (confused look on my face about now), and most probably a production version of the new Torana, which is SIMILAR in looks to the Torana TT36 concept, but will most probably be a tad smaller and have a more slanted rear end as the old Toranas had.

    What do you make of this? crap, or maybe somewhat true?
    Another Hurricane would be awesome (Maybe a stand-alone HSV model COULD be on our way?), and a production Torana sounds probable.

    Or maybe i'm too much of a fan-boy to take notice that this is total bull?
  2. Sounds like a FordFalcon quote "I read it somwhere believe me"
  3. haha!
  4. similarly i heard that holden or hsv plan on launching the Torana at a US motor show (detroit i guess) and it will have a twin-turbo alloytech (or whatever the new v6 is called) pumping about 290kw.

    personally i'll beleive it when i see it.
  5. They will probably just take the existing torana concept car there I would think.
  6. the concept has a twin turbo alloytec, i doubt a production version would.

    Anyhoo, if/when the torana comes out, there should be a HSV V8 version to compete against the M3. .......SL/R it should be called, if its a 4 door anyhow.
  7. The HSV GTS/GTO coupe fills in that role already pretty much.
  8. They better make the torana and make a fast version. I want to buy one.
  9. but a small-ish rwd V8 would also be cool.
  10. I heard they were going to import the Vette and call it the Hurricane.
    I'm being serious.
  11. i'm thinkin you are joking...
    that would be gay..... maybe

    i dont care what its called actually, i just want the Vette here.
  12. It could happen!
  13. It really doesn't
  14. Stop quoting me, and taking it out of context it's pissing me off.

    A Hurricane would be cool. Don’t think the Australian market has the room though just look, Storm Ute, Typhoon and Tornado.
  15. You give a new meaning to the phrase "taking things out of context"
  16. You'd be surprised to know that in most cases they match up evenly..
  17. Seriously... drive an E46 M3 and you will see what im talking about.
  18. You have driven both have you?
  19. Uhhhhh.... yeh
  20. Driving one or either of them for a few minutes doesn't say much...
  21. I drove the M3 for a while but I only got about 5-10 minutes in the GTS Coupe. Was at the same place though. Im not saying the GTS was bad here, I just thought the M3 was much more of a serious performance car than the GTS by the way it threw its self into corners. The GTS is a fast car, but it is much more of a cruiser than the M3.
  22. i actually saw a fairly new vette on the road earlier this year. maybe a 2002 model? but obviously it was just an import. still swoit
  23. I saw a blue Corvette Z06 in hoppers crossing about 3 weeks ago. Damn it looked hot!
  24. My mates uncle has a supercharged C5. I think he runs it at the drags too, i'm not sure though.
  25. Yah saw a few of them when i was in the states. They look awesome, especially in blue.

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