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  1. "...I think everyone's in awe considering what Pagani's doing, making it therefore the most respected."

    Especially considering their history and where they've come from (which is almost nothing except for the vision mostly of a single man). And the fact that they have not (thus far) diluted the brand in order to survive.
  2. How cant you have Porsche on that list
  3. koenigsegg, they make the most refined/developed supercars
  4. Pagani. The SLR lowered my respect for McLaren. Has ajzahn said Dauer yet?
  5. I think I would go for Pagani, and I obviously love Ferrari, but there is something about the way Aston has been so damn consistent.
  6. Considering what they've achieved and in the time they've achieved it, everyone should have tremendous respect for Pagani.
  7. I love/respect Bugatti
  8. McLaren or Ferrari
  9. Pagani. That company's short history is fvcking amazing!
  10. ferrari, because it has passion.
  11. I voted Aston Martin , because OK paganis lambos and ferraris are the best machines on the world , but there are some people who really don't like them or almost hate them.
    And no one complains against Aston Martin! and I'm not a big Aston Martin fan , but I like the cars they make.
  12. Either that or Ferrari.
    BTW, more than just me think Alfas are fugly.
  13. Yeah! Damn right!
  14. Porsche, tihs is a horrible poll.
  15. and Pagani does even a better job, but McLaren outclasses them all
  16. Dauer, Porsche and pre 2000 Audis.
  17. sarcasm

    an ex-f1 driver called said one of their models felt like an early prototype and still needed a lot of development
  18. You noticed how what you posted did not contradict what I posted?

    Baracca the original owner of the horse who was an italian Pilot, painted the prancing horse on his planes, it was said that he got the Horse from a fallen German plane during WWI. After he died he became a nationaly hero around 1918

    When Ferrari won the race at Savio, Ravenna, he met the mother of Baracca, Countess Paolina, who gave him the horse emblem for good luck,
    Ferrai then modified the emblem, adding a yellow background and the letter "s" and "f" for scuderia Ferrari

    EDIT: "the family asked Ferrari to put the horse on his plane"
    ...what? Ferrari planes? the countess gave the emblem to Ferrari for good luck
  19. Yeah, I'm aware of that. 60 votes prove that nobody cares
  20. Porsche is an obvious other, but there are lots of haters. Pagani is probably the best choice, but I'm gonna throw Lotus in there (unless people no longer count it as European)
  21. Yes this site has its fair amount of retards
  22. No one on can have an opinion.
  23. sure they can, if they can back theyr claims, or atleast explain them in a coherent inteligent way
  24. Mercedes-Benz.

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