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  1. I agree

    also found this about the douglas dc-3

    Its lasting impact on the airline industry and World War II makes it one of the most significant transport aircraft ever made

  2. Where's the horse?

    I also don't see any consistency with the criteria required for "significance".
  3. yes there is no horse on there but there should be.

    true I guess its up to people to decide which is
    significant to them.. what they feel is the the greatest or most important to mankind or themselves.

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  6. If you bother to make a list, most people tend to think you should have a consistent criteria of some kind, such as:

    -Technical ingenuity, as in "firsts", however rubbish they might have been

    -How viable the technology was in further development (like the first injection reciprocating engines, first turbofan military and civil aircraft, etc.)

    -How popular a certain transport was in moving people, goods or killing people


    The list you made is just random cars, boats, planes, trains and aircraft put together.
  7. Its not a completely random list if you look I have chosen transports which are significant in their field , fastest, most produced, firsts at something.. you are right there is no single criteria which I have singled out so it becomes a list just a list of great machines in their own right. Which one do you think is the greatest?
  8. The greatest machine ever?

    The dishwasher.

    As far as transports go, probably the Space Shuttle.
  9. good answers I like it
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  12. Just think what would happen in the scenarios in the thread (or even a single scenario) and post your opinion. Conventional warfare means that no weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, chemical, biological) will be used. It's pretty clear-cut.

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    Honestly I dont have an opinion on it.

    I really don't.
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