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  1. In the september 2002 issue of motor trend, U'll find a comparison between the SL55 AMG , the ferrari F360 Spider, The BMW Z8, and the aston martin DB7 volante..
    At the end, the editors agreed that the SL55 is the best of the cars, because it combines excellent performances, excellent luxury, excellent technology, excellent styling, and a hard top, which puts it apart from her counterparts who barely present together two of the qualities above...

    So once, again, I proved my point!
    SL55 all the way!

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    I prefere, a little bit, 360 spider, cause is a great handler, but I'm agree with motor trend: SL AMG is really a GREAT SUPERCAR, great performances (0-200 kph 14s: is faster than Modena coupé...), great handling, easy to drive, not too expensive (less than Modena) and it's a real sportcar, Z8 isn't too...

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    I would prefer SL55 also...a true supercar. I can't help but wince at the price...I'm sure it's worth it though.
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    of course its worth it!
    what do you want more from a car? the SL55 is the ultimate roadster!
    simply flawless!
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    It is one of the world's great cars admittedly. Although, I could probably satisfy my motoring desires for less $$, but that's just me.
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    Also the december 2002 issue of the german magazine Auto-Motor-Sport had a comparison involving the SL55, the Z8, the Maserati, and the ASton Martin... And of course, the overall winner was the SL55, And By FAAAAR:
    SL55 ~ 420Pts
    Maserati 379Pts
    Z8 340 pts
    DB7 320 Pts

    SO , once again, I am right, and At least i have proof to what i'm saying!
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    1.Ferrari 360 Spider
    2.Aston Martin DB7
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    You're a CHILD!!!!

    I have FACTS !! what do you have?!?!? nothing! you're just a little stupid boy...

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    It's already proven by many many magazines that the SL55AMG is the best all rounder.

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