Motor Trend: the Cost of the Mustang's Live Axle

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  1. until last year the best selling vehicle was the f-150. lol
  2. lets pray that the next generation mustang gets an irs.
  3. god, the falcon plattform would have been perfect for the mustang!
    just like GM did with G8's (commodore) plattform using it on the camaro
  4. still, Ford shits on GM.
  5. Ford Mustang still corners better then the camaro. Seriously, people need to stop whining about the live axle debate.
  6. the Roush 427R with Trak Pak does have IRS
  7. No it doesnt.
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  9. I think the more evenly sized tires combined with a fairly significant 300-lb weight difference and better steering has something to do with that. A well-sorted live axle (and Ford did a great job with the Mustang) beats a mediocre IRS setup, but a well-sorted IRS beats both, all else being equal.

    So, are we all saying that roadholding capability on a smooth skidpad is the true measure of a car's handling?
  10. Chris Draper gets pwned again.
  11. the always say its better to have an 80% design executed 100% than a 100% design executed 80%.
  12. Wasn't the GT500 in that video a convertible?
    I would suspect the Roush was much lighter as well

  13. the old trans am race series allow the tems to choose either irs or live axle. Unless the track was extremely bumpy there was No performance advantage with the irs. the only reasons the mustang would have for a irs is creature comfort, and cost savings. i have an article in a book or magazine i'll post later if i can.
  14. Mustangs are by far the most "tunable" cars in America, if not the world. Ford estimates almost 20% of Mustang buyers modify their cars. IMO the car is set up just fine. I put a 9" rear end on my T/A, and the thing is damn-near bulletproof. IRS proved no more effective than a live-axle 6 years ago, in the Terminator.
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    No it wasn't

  16. Thats alot of savings considering how many mustangs have been built in the past few years, not to mention for a company that is in a pretty shitty financial situation
  17. Ford is actually doing quite better than expected. "shitty financial situation"? no. many companies are in financial crisis including toyota
  18. Most tunable in the world or US? Give me a break. GM has a way larger performance aftermarket following.
  19. I wouldn't say so, not definitively. I think it's that a GM guy wouldn't be familiar with Ford aftermarket, and vice versa. It's undeniable though that the Mustang aftermarket is huge, for whatever you wish to do with your car, no matter the trim, no matter the generation, or special edition, there's someone out there with a product to get your car to your goal. And its a very competitive market (and so very cheap).
  20. I said the Mustang. As in 1 single model, not Fords' entire aftermarket. No one GM model has such a following...Corvette, Camaro, Firebird aftermarkets all overlap.
  21. I just mentioned owning a T/A (98 WS6), why would you think I'm biased towards Ford? The fact is due to demand, it's much "cheaper to make a sleeper" out of a Mustang.
  22. most tunable can mean either "most potential to be had from the car" or "most aftermarket shit available." I can agree on the 2nd about the mustang, but not even close on the first.
  23. it does pretty well in drag racing
  24. In that respect, a BASE model Corvette has the most underlying potential of any car on earth.

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