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  1. In october edition of Motor Trend, they tested a 289 cobra, a 427, and a series 1.

    What I was curious about, is where they got the engine for the 427. Shelby doesn't sell an engine for it, so where did this 30 000 aluminum ford v-8 come from. All they said was:

    "aftermarket drivetrains for this chassisrun from about 8000 for a 351 v-8, to 30 000 for a built aluminum 427. "

    Did they get this motor through Shelby American?
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    The tooling for the 427 still exists. A lot of different companies still make them, from those that just sell the blocks and parts for customers that build their own, to those that sell the complete running engine. Their are also sources out there that recondition/rebuild original motors.
    They can be bought factory spec, or customized to the buyer's spec. The possibilities are endless.
    Holman Automotive assembles their own to 1966 or 1967 race specs for their GT40 Mk II continuation cars.
    Shelby probably either bought the blocks and parts and assembled their own, or had someone else do it for them.

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    you can order a 427 fe block from shelby directly. one of these original cars went for 600k on barret jackson auto auction
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    Only one companty makes original Cobras; this is AC Cars in the UK, who made the Cobras in the 1960s, still own the tools and are still making Cobras. Any Cobra not produced by AC is a replica, including the ones Shelby sells.
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    "The series one is a not-so-legendary car from a legendary car-maufacturer (Shelby)," "Sportsbilen" (Sportscar) 2003.

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